Everytime i shutdown windows 7 i get a force shutdown

idk what is wrong everytime i shut down it ask me if i want force shut down..? and it new... :o
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  1. The cause is usually a program or service that is still running in the background. I get this message as well on an older laptop and if I wait the computer eventually shuts down. If you are comfortable running msconfig you can look and see what programs and processes are running at startup. Does it tell you which program is still running when you get the force shut down message?
  2. New? Did you buy it from a retail store? Most likely they have software bogging the computer down. I would check out CCleaner: http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner

    as it will clean junk files & you can disable certain programs running at start up. Google or post here what they are so we can determine if you need it running. Also closing programs before shutting down usually helps. Also you should get a list of any running programs when it prompts you to ask for a shut down. If you recognize any of them, cuz you most likely have it open as i said before closing them before shutting down usually will help it from prompting that. Otherwise let it do it's thing as force shut downs may not save some information with the software. If you are having issues, or it doesn't shut down then you might have a program or process not functioning correctly and/or you might not need it.
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