FSB overclock of AlthonXP 1900+

My trusty Palomino 1900+ 1.6Ghz (FSB133) works fine.

I don't need anymore performance, but i want to see how far i can safely push it. Unfortunealy I'm using PC2100 DDR RAM....but could someone with experience of OC-ing Palominos tell me what settings i can use


Soltek 75-DRV2 (KT266A)
768Mb PC2100 RAM
Air Cooled CPU
1 Case Fan

so how high can i put the FSB too?
to accomodate this what CPU Voltage do i need
and what RAM voltage do i need. (it will only go to 2.7v Max)
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  1. I am not sure how far you can push it, but you may want to put more into cooling before you do. One case fan and the stock hsf wont do. Get like 2-3 case fans and a volcano7 or something.

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  2. i dont use the stock HSF, i use a Coolermaster HCC002 which keeps things nice n cool
  3. i think he would be fine...
    i am using a VOLCANO6cu, and *1* case fan...and i overclocked my 100fsb athlon 900 to 133...
    could probably push it farther, but my ram is cheap...so i cant go over 133...
    oh, and the volcano6cu isnt considered a real overclockers heatsink...yet it keeps my cpu under 49°C when running at 1.825volts...eh....i think it is possible...
    just try it, pushing it a LITTLE at a time, and if it starts to have problems, take it down a notch or two to be sure...and ALWAYS test with something like 3dmark2001se or something like that to make sure that the CPU isnt going to overheat under load, and that it is stable enough to do what you need it for.
    good luck...now i need to sleep...


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