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Hi, I just got a MSI GT683, and its cool and all, but whenever i turn on the "Turbo" button, it just shuts itself off after about 6 seconds. The big "Turbo ON" with the flaming wheel and everything appears, it appears in the tray, but it turns off later. What to do ?
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  1. contact MSI support? there's clearly a problem with your brand new laptop...
  2. Oh no, was afraid of that... hoped for some "requires a game, video or something to be running" issue :( Going to college in less than a week, gonna need it. That blows
  3. That is, in case i need to send it for repairs
  4. Any ideas? Apparently it's not linked to the Intel Turbo Boost Technology, because i turned that off in BIOS, yet I can still turn the Turbo on for about 6 seconds and it shuts off the same way as before. I saw something about an EC reset at but culdn't understand what the hell i'm supposed to do.

    Do you think it could be that the button is simply broken?
  5. could be, it could also be that you got a faulty motherboard or that the button isn't wired correctly, there's a short somewhere that causes the pc to shutdown when you turn the button on, could be battery not being able to handle increased power. Hell, it could be black monkeys jumping inside. You need someone who knows exactly what that button is supposed to do. So instead of wasting time, call up MSI tech support and work with them already. You laptop is on warranty after all and they have an obligation to support their products
  6. Alright, already sent an inquiry to MSI
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