Hi guys for the past 3 days I've had no audio and I'm going crazy. I've been sitting at my computer desk reading forums and what not on how to fix it, but I'm getting no where. I have a CM 1730, my BIOS is set to onboard sound enabled, this just happened out of the blue. I've tried system restore, I read somewhere on a forum about using Realtek Audio Manager to fix the problem, but I don't understand how that worked, when he was using VIA. Someone please help me. I do no think my hardware is busted, I think it has something to do with software. I hear a electrical static when I plug in my headphones, meaning my computer reads my headphones, but in the VIA audio V-Deck the ports are not colored, as in the the ports dont show connectivity, so I really do not know I'm confused. Please help!
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  1. Did you try reinstalling the VIA audio driver for your system? There is one for your computer. Try that. What is worrying is the static you are getting in your headphones. That's usually an electrical problem and not a driver related one. But try the drivers first.
  2. update os (automatically update drivers and fix all isseus). open sound software(realtec or other) click restore defaults. try in back port. make sure speakers plug in green slot.
  3. I've updated my drivers and reinstalled, and how do you open sound software and restore defaults and i can do is change from HD audio to AC97, I have a VIA HD audio deck. A for the static from headphones when i mute on/off its just a click I've always had it even with sound, so thats not an issue. I'm jsut saying it works. when it says AC97 is it referring to the Realtek AC97 drivers? I've been installing realtek drivers to see if it works with no avail. This VIA audio driver is starting to annoy me.

    I also updated my OS and it did not work.
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