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Hi all, im new to these boards and i need a bit of help. I know most of the basics and have installed RAM + a new video card into my system. Now im looking to put in a p3 600 mhz to replace my 450.

My current mobo is the Asus p2-99 (100 FSB ) , but in the manual it only liste jumper settings for up to processors 550 in speed. Would the 600 work in my system ? Would putting it in , put my mobo / cpu etc in danger of overheating ? Also do I need to bother adjusting the jumpers and mulitpliers, or can i just plug in the card and go . I'm a newbie when it comes to install CPUs and dont know much about overclocking etc.

Any help would be greatly appreciated thnx.
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  1. you should be able to just plug it in, check your manual for info on changing the multiplier. they arent that much different, heat is not a problem.

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