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Free product key for windows 7 ultimate

I need you to help me on my laptop, it is notifying me that it is a vixtim of counterfainting???? what does that mean and what is required?
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  1. It means your CD key is not valid. You need to buy a new one.
  2. You have a pirated version of Windows on your laptop. Don't ask for a key here, against the rules.

    However, if your laptop arrived in such a state, you could tell your problems to your retailer and let them resolve it.
  3. read the fourm rules carefully before asking question. contact brand Custamer care or retailer for this problem. or check u r laptop for any ms sticker with product version and key. that key help u to solve the isseus.
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    Flip the laptop upside down, there will be a key
    if the Key is not the same version as the windows you have installed then you need to contact the person who either installed or upgraded the software
    If there is no key, purchase new Windows package, install key or reload the OS
  5. Contact Microsoft to validate your software license or purchase a new copy of Windows and install.

    This is the only support we can offer you
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