Milk spilled on Ideapad Y560

I recently spilled milk on my Y560 and have taken all the precautions of shutting it down and removing the battery. It was not a lot like 2 tablespoons that mostly sat on the surface between the keyboard and the left and right click buttons. I removed some keys from the keyboard to assess the damage and it doesnt appear wet just a little bit sticky but the left and right click buttons clearly have some milk underneath them.

I dont want to turn it back on until the left and right clickers are properly cleaned. My question is how do I remove them and are there any other precautions I should take. I would have already take off the keyboard entirely except that I cant find the screw holding it. Its drying still and I dont believe there was enough to get past the keyboard to the motherboard but I still need to get underneath those keys.
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  1. Go to an electronics supply store and get some aerosol circuit board cleaner. Mask the keycaps and other plastic parts likely to get sprayed. The cleaner will evaporate quickly. Good luck.
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