How do I know if I get the right CPU or not?

I bought an AMDXP1700 CPU and some other parts few days ago, and I asked the store to install everything for me. And after I used some programs to test my computer, it said AMD 1100MHZ!! So, I thought I was ripped off by the computer store. I phoned them, and they told me to go BIOS to clock my CPU to 133 MHZ, and it will become AMD1700+. And, after I do what computer store told me, it really became 1700+, but when I tried to use the program to test again, it said AMD 1466MHZ. So, I am just wondering that is the cpu I got from the computer store really a AMD XP1700? or I have been ripped off by them? Is there any way to find out what cpu is this?
Thanks, and sorry for the grammer mistakes.
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  1. yes its a XP1700+.
    you just have to adjust the FSB selector.
    there should be a little jumper on your motherboard... find it using the manual.
    default is 100fsb for durons & tbird 'B's.
    change it to 133.

    end of problem

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  2. you got an 1700 xp, 100 x 11 = 1100, 133 x 11 = 1463. 1463 = 1700 pr rating.

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  3. I think what the last post said, to translate from Mathematics to English, is that you do indeed have the correct CPU.
    An AMD 1700+ XP runs at a speed of 1.463 Ghz.
    That's what it's designed to do, and everything is ok.

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