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I have a laptop that's about 6 years old now. (Gateway model 7510GX) that as of this evening has stopped receiving power from it's AC input.

It runs off of the battery fine, but the AC light doesn't come on when it gets plugged in, and it continues to run off battery power.

It was working fine last night when I put the system to sleep, but today I hit the power button as I left the room, came down about 15 minutes later, and found that it was running off of battery. I've tried the basics, restarting, removing the battery, unplugging and reconnecting the AC adapter at both ends, and so forth but nothing thus far has worked.

I think we have a voltage meter around somewhere, so I'm probably going to see if I can find that and try to measure if power is making it through the AC adapter or not, but beyond that I'm not sure what the next step is? Judging by how much power the battery had remaining, I'm fairly certain it was when I woke it up from sleep mode that it lost connection to AC power, not sometime during the night. (But it could have been I guess in the hour or 2 before I woke it also) Thoughts/suggestions?
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  1. I am guessing your dc in jack on your laptop has come loose or is broken or your power supply has died.
  2. Well my dad checked the output on the AC adapter with the volt meter and it wasn't registering anything, so I ordered one off amazon. I guess we'll see if that fixes it.
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