Keyboard not working during windows 7 installation

Hello, im trying to istall windows 7 on my old p4 computer, the computer is compatible but once the cd loads my keybored and mouse dont work, they work on bios but just not when the country selection screen appears. i was running xp but it crashed and comes up with the blue screen i have no back up cd's so now i cant even load xp. any ideas? ive tried 2 differednt keyboards usb and ps/2 and checked settings on bios all is set. please help
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  1. It is strange that your PS2 keyboard doesn't work? Is it plugged in before you boot up? For your USB keyboard to work have you enabled Legacy USB in the Bios?
  2. Whatever caused your XP to crash, may be the same thing stopping your keyboard and mouse from working. It looks to be hardware related.
  3. Windows 7 is much more critical of memory than Windows XP, so if you were getting blue screens in Windows XP due to memory problems then you don’t stand a chance of getting Windows 7 to work. The reason that the keyboard and mouse didn’t work is that the Windows 7 installation had crashed. Try running a memory test program and proceed from there.
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