Samsung R580 Laptop will not power back up

riddle me this... this laptop will not turn back on I mean the battery is charged the AC power works its Win 7 I5 machine. power comes on but no screen or hard drive. Wife was using it last night closed the lid got up this morning to wake it up and it will not wake. Ive removed the battery a/c power let it set for a very long time then put battery back in added A/C still nothing. I'm lost im usually good at these things. Please help she is freaking out.
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  1. Most likely the hard drive. Try boot from ubuntu on dvd.
  2. i do not have any disk that came with it. the DVD lights blink 3 times wants to read a DVD but stops. I have tried a win 7 pro disk i had to see if it would goto recovery. Is there a Master reset? Wife is freaking out tonight
  3. Yes, if you can boot window 7, then it is most likely a fail hdd.

    Also you can try going to the bios and see if there is a drive connected.
  4. um it never gets to the bios screeen the screen doesnt even light up the power button comes on power activity light comes on and 4 little blue lights around the mouse pad come on nothing else happens. F4 doesnt work on boot either it never boots it doesnt even get to the bios screen,
  5. oh, ok. If the screen is not up, then it is something more sinister. Mobo sounds alright. Did you check if it is a screen back-light failure?

    after you remove the battery, did you hold the power button for like 30 seconds? Also try running the laptop on a/c only, no battery.<(I know this probably won't do much, but still have to ask to go through the diagnostic steps).
  6. yes yes yes i did.. and nothing no backlight either fans running inside though no HDD light no F2 bios no F4
  7. ok, back to original idea, HDD failure. I know it is strange but I had it before where I cannot get into bios in a laptop because of a fail HDD, although it is not on a samsung laptop. If you have a spare drive, swap it out and see if it works.
  8. i have nothing fora laptop here everything I build are towers and servers im checking to see if its under warranty if its not im going to check the hdd connection as well
  9. no joy on memory or HDD
  10. ok we can assume that the easily fixed and warranty irrelevant component is not at fault. I advice you find out if you have warranty left (should be, the laptop is quite new right?) and contact samsung.
  11. I had a 2 hour chat with live support where we did everything with it and was unsuccessful in doing anything its not on warranty as of three mos ago. Going to goto best buy dress my hottttttt wife up and let her turn these techies into mush... maybe she will get a good deal on the repair.
  12. LOL, make sure the sales person actually likes woman!

    Looks like it is the only option, unless you want to try DIY. By the way, how much did you pay for it new? I looked at the mobo price and they are around $200-300, so I guess the repair bill will be $300-400
  13. samsung ns-r580jbb1us was 600.00 new one year ago bouught it at Best Buy as well
  14. If the bill is over 350, I think you are better off getting a new one.
  15. im worried mostly about the data she is a urban fiction and erotic fantasy writer perparing stuff for editors.. thats her freak out she is missing like 8 pages of edits
  16. oh. if HDD is not causing the problem, you can plug it to a desktop to recover the files.
  17. yeah if it will boot
  18. Hopefully, she kept a backup somewhere.
  19. she has a blog she posts it at online all but 8 pages now she changed
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    that is a dead motherboard i think. if you are critically after the data in that hard drive, may i suggest you buy an external sata drive docking station. its very cheap and insert your samsung hdd on it and transfer it to your desktop for the meantime.that would be much faster and easier to do, just remove the hdd from the laptop.
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  22. From Nassau, Bahamas my Laptop S/N:HKGX93HBC00118 NP-RV515-A02US RV515-AO2US has a boot problem the system powers up and only one light appears which is the power light no HDD or Wi Fi light shows in fact only the CD rom make a sound has it is powered up, my diagnostic is that the Mother Board is not working and all other devices are fine..Should I send it back to your company for repair or can it be repair local my email address or
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