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I'm going to be building a computer relativly soon. But I want to be able to upgrade CPU for awhile yet. I was wondering if the Clawhammer will replace the Athlon XP? And if so, should i wait for the claw hammer to come out to get motherboard and cpu? thanks
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  1. Im not positive about this but I think Clawhammer is going to have a different pin count and therefor have a different socket. But like I said I may be wrong, I just thought I read that somewhere.

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  2. 1) The Clawhammer will 'overtime' replace the Athlon XP.

    2) The Clawhammer is completely different to the Athlon XP so there is no upgrade without upgrading the mobo as well.

    Unless you have a specific need for 64bit or must have the latest thing I would suggest you buy an Athlon XP and start enjoying the system now (or once the T-bred arrives). Then you can upgrade to a Barton core or Barton-s as you need more power. Just make sure you get a decent mobo which handles 166FSB and PC2700 memory

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  3. T-Bred??

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  4. See my responce to you in another thread maverick.

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  5. are you unaware of the chips that AMD is bringing out?

    the "T-Bred" or Thoroughbred is coming out soon (we hope) and is a new die shrunk version of the present day AthlonXP.
  6. People should not start already planning, or asking about ClawHammer specs and expected release dates. You know it's gonna go out in November or such, so please don't ask us, as we'd ask you the same thing, and you'd answer: I don't know.

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