NV30 release date? What size harddrive do I need?

1. Can anyone guess the NV30 release date. Just looking for guesses, seeing most esimates range from June 2002 to April 2003.

2. I plan on downloading alot of movie/anime/encoding/ripping to DivX. Should I get the Special Edition 80 gig or 100 gig harddrive? And should I store my divx files on my HD or would CD be better?

These questions are both a matter of opinion kinda, and I wasn't sure where else to post ^_^.

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  1. nVidia has released a major product update every 10-12 months since the TNT1 days. Based on this, my guess is January 2003. While I'm at it I might as well guess that there will be a minor Geforce4 update, an Ultra if you will, in July of this year.

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  2. Nvidia announced they will display some sort of NV18 chip at E3, what could it be? It obviously sounds weak cuz it ain't even NV20.

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  3. A new product or "ultra" is every 6 months. I hear theyre skipping the ultra this time around and launching the NV30 to stay ahead of, or be in competition w/ the new offerings from ati and matrox. Should be no later than early July.

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  4. Storage? Throw it all on CD......but if youre editing you will really appreciate that 8mbs of cache the WD drive has.

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  5. I think "Ultras" have been 5 months after initial product release hence July but what's one month.

    July seems too soon for a Geforce5 or whatever it will be named. (It would make a lot of Geforce4 owners unhappy).

    Still, staying ahead of the competition would be important.

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  6. For ripping the key is HD speed (and CD-RW speed). Just get a 7,200 rpm or faster. Best thing right now would be 15K SCSI setup. but not sure how serious you are about ripping.
    Course, cpu speed helps too :)

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  7. The GeForce4 WAS the ultra. GF3 being the "normal" one. The nv30 is the next "normal" one.

    The trend is a card denoted by nvX0, followed six months later by a souped up version of that chip bearing the name nvX5. The number is then deviated a little in different versions using the same chip at different speeds or different support electronics. The X is incremented for chips with major feature updates or for those that are results of a total redesign. The latter is true for the nv30.

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  8. well it certainly seems that way

    The advantages that GF4 had over GF3? minor tweaks, better anti-aliasing, higher clock speeds, more RAM....I'm persoanlly waiting for the DX 9 boards before i upgrade my GF2 Ultra. If the NV30 is coming out in July I will most likely get one of those, but I'd have to see the Matrox, Ati boards first.....hopefully the new ones can render the Doom3 engine, cause apparantly my GF2Ultra will struggle. exciting times eh?
  9. Don't look at the Matrox too much if you really want DX9. It's not meant to handle it, but later products should. I'm guessing that the next card for them won't be out for at least a year after the 512 release.
  10. Matrox and Creative Labs are going for a pre-emptive strike with their cards. They saw that directx8 take up has been slow, as has directx7, to a lesser extent of course. There is no reason why things should be different with dx9. Especially as it makes quite a high demand off the hardware. They're going midway, giving pretty fast dx8 features with some of directx9 stuff they think will be easily adopted by game developers. 3DLabs is also giving its own features, that probably won't be supported by dx9.

    If the price is right, I don't see anything wrong with those cards. The nv30, on its launch, is definitly going to be quite a bit more expensive than the price those two cards reach then. The same is likely to happen with the r300. So, I think they're not bad cards at all. Is it really worth getting a full dx9 card the moment it is out?

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  11. Didn't mean to imply that no one should get the Matrox cards. I was trying to state that if DX9 compliance is an important factor in someone's upgrade choice, the initial release from Matrox was not going to cut it. Besides, no one has any clue as to when DX9 will be arriving and when software will actually take advantage of it.
  12. yeah i don't think they'll be DX9 games for a little while yet, my point for wanting a DX9 card is simply because i expect a new AGP card to last, and in a year or two there will be DX9 games.

    Anyways...if my GF2 Ultra can render Doom3 and Unreal 2003 then i won't be upgrading at all....I'm going to upgrade when the GF2U can't keep up anymore.
  13. I think as carmack was saying Doom3 will run on GF2 cards. Don't expect anything more than minimum detail at just about playable framerates though.

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  14. Sorry someone needs to help me out here what is NV30?

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  15. nv30 is the codename for the next chip from nVidia. This chip is highly anticipated by a lot of people, because all the engineers they aquired from 3dfx were working on this right from the start. It is supposed to be the "next big thing".

    The current ones out are the nv20, as used in the GF3 series, and nv25, as used in the GF4TI series.

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  16. I've heard more likely a release date was around September. Someone talked about NV18; I think that might be an updated mobile chip although it's just a guess. I whoever it was that said the thing about NVx0 is a major upgrade then NVx5 is a souped(?) up version of it. After NV30, NV35 will be probably coming out 1H03. Go to vr-zone.com for some specs. 1200MHz memory... nice.

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  17. I was talking about the nvX0 - nvX5 model. But I didn't mention the nv18, you are however correct in guessing that its the next mobile chip, cos it is.

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  18. Yeah, I just felt like putting the two replies into as not to wastefully raise my post count... Oh no, what have I become?

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