Laptop repair ~ blank screen.

Okay, so i have an old Toshiba Tecra A7. for a whiel it was running at around 80 degrees C in some parts, it eventually would freeze or turn itself off after 5 or so minutes of being on. So I have taken HD out, the RAM out, The keyboard off, the screen off, and the whole upper part of the case, then took off the fan protector thing and cleaned it out. I reassembled this in the reverse order. When i turn it on its pumping out cool air like it should have been, only now the issue is, the screen has never come back on. I have tried re-plugging all the wires from the screen, and attaching another monitor but neither would show anything. Is it possible I have failed at reconnecting some other cable/wire from taking the upper case off, or the RAM or something ? I'm trying to avoid the large possibility that I have fried the motherboard. I don't believe it's an issue with the actual screens functionality. Any suggestions/help ?
Thank you so much, Ben ~
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  1. It sounds like your graphics card died on you unfortunately
  2. Thanks, i figured things out though and it was alot simpler than i had imagined... i actually didn't plug the RAM in properly =]
  3. Haha glad it all worked for you then :)
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