Looking for the Holy Grail of HSF.

I'm really looking for combos that people are using that are working good. I'm going to be buying a XP 1800+ and probably 2 case fans. I really want a quiet fan, but I have a very limited budget, as in I shouldn't be buying new hardware at all. Right now I am leaning towards Thermaltake Volcano 7+ (which is quite pricey for me) and the Swiftech MCX370-0A (which is probably a little loud for me).

So what do you use?
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  1. I use the Volcano 5 which is quite quiet with 2 80mm case fans. One intake in the lower front and one output on the top of the case. I'm using it on a AXP 1900+ and its only rated for a 1700+ but my temps are 42C idle and 49C load with a Silver Thermal compound. It was only about $16.00.
  2. If youre not going to oc the system why not just stick with the standard hsf comnbo?????

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  3. Alphapal8045 with an 80mm fan, ultra cool and very quiet.

    Just dont get the 80mm delta!

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  4. well not all of us bought the boxed version of the CPU....i bought my AthlonXP by itself. thus any HSF discussion, even for non-OCer's is useful
  5. I like Globalwin so maybe look into them .. thats what i use and will use for time to come. I'm very pleased with their quality. I have the wincak38 i think it's called and it works great and you can easily mount a bigger 80mm fan with an adaptor or a quieter 60mm fan. or a loud 60mm delta fan that comes with the heatsink or some other fan out there.

    I easily placed a quieter fan on there and later i easily took that out and replaced it with the loud delta fan without even having to remove the heatsink.

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  6. Which fan do you recommend instead of the Delta? Orix?

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  7. Either the Swiftech MCX462 or the Alpha PAL8045 would be the pinnacle of Athlon heatsinks. For a fan to go on top of the heatsink, Papst is generally regarded as makers of the finest quality, most acoustically advanced fans. Delta makes the most powerful fans, but Delta fans tend to be very, very noisy.

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  8. I agree, Papst are a very good fan, very quite, but also, very expensive (but you do get what you pay for)

    If you don't want to pay $20 USD for a Papst, the low flow Panaflo's are very good (27cfm, 21 dBa).

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  9. Another one to consider is the Thermalright AX-7, which I have in my system. It's not very expensive and you can choose a nice quiet 80mm fan to go with it. It uses a clip to attach that uses all six flanges on the ZIF socket, which makes it a little easier to install than some of the other big heatsinks that mount using the four holes in the motherboard. Performance is right up there with the Alpha and Swiftech HSFs.

    Oh, btw, I use mine with an Athlon XP 1900+ that's slightly overclocked and I've never had a problem with my temps.

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