Windows 7 wont boot on my SSD

i recently purchased a new MOBO, RAM, CPU and SSD drive and when i install windows 7 onto my SSD it configures fine all installs perfectly and then when it restarts for the 2nd time it goes past the bios and stops on the windows 7 logo loading screen (doesnt freeze it loads but gets to a certain part where it makes a funny glitch in the logo and restarts)

ive tried loads of things, ive unplugged all the Ram and tried putting them in 1 by 1 and starting it up but doesnt work, i also tried unplugging my Sata hard drive and just having the SSD alone and still deosnt work, my windows recognises the SSD but i cant seem to get it to boot past the windows loading screen. Ive also tried different windows 7 CD's incase it was a problem with the installion itself, the same problem occured im really stuck please anyone if they could help me id appriciate it
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  1. Run Memtest & check if the RAM is faulty. Also, instead of the SSD, load Win7 into the HDD & see if it runs well. If yes, then you probably have a bad SSD.
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