AMD 2100+ temp?? need help

hello all.
I am running a 2100+ with the retail box fan and i am getting 50 C in win2k pro. I am wondering what the normal temp should be for the chip? and what is too hot? I dont wanna let it over heat and not know it. I check the temp all the time and its about 50 C idle, on a hard core game(3d wise) the most i have ever seen was 63 C.
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  1. you are fine. its normal. you can get cooler if you want, but you'll have to buy another HSF. :smile:

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  2. hmm...50 is not too bad.
    63 is getting up there.
    but that is a retail heatsink.
    do you have any air moving in that case? AMD recommends that there is a fan in the bottom front of the case. the PSU draws air out of the back...
    and MOST cases have a mounting spot in the front of the case, just pick up an 80mm fan from the local computer store, and some screws for it, and then put it in there. that will help get some air moving in there...i hope that works...
    but, if it isnt locking up, or giving you errors, then you should be ok. still, i would suggest getting some air moving in there. :wink:


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  3. Your temp's fine. Fahgetaboudit.
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