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I have an Athlon XP 1800 (clocked to 1.6GHz or 1900). A few site say that 95 Celcius is the maximum temperature, however, it doesn't sound safe to run a CPU near boiling temperature. I tested how hot it would get hoping that my CPU won't get too hot by encoding a video. The temperature rose up to 81 degrees within a few minutes so I got nervous and decided to abort. I'm thinking about getting a better heat sink now. So is it actually safe to run a CPU at 95 degrees?
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  1. Fire bad.

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  2. What temp does it run at when not OC'ing? What kinda HS/F do you have now? Case fans? Whats the ambient? If you're a reader of this forum you will see a whole sht load of posts about hot AXPs and I see the regulars have to ask the same Qs all the, 95c is not an ok temp. to run your proc at. You have a problem if its runnin at 81c.

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  3. I don't know the highest temperature of it being overclocked because I don't want to find out. When not overclocked...I'll have to try that. The heatsink and fan came with my retail CPU. I've to two case fans. My power supply does not have a fan on the bottom, but the two case fans should make up for it. Ambiet temperature (if it means the air around it) is 35 if I'm look on the right meter.
  4. is it locking up under load though????
    if not, dont worry
    remember that those temp sensors, and the programs that read them are notoriously unnaccurate.

    but you SHOULD be using something better than the stock cooler if overclocking.

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  5. lhgpoobaa is right. The temperature sensing programs are in fact inaccurate. My motherboard was set to turn off my computer if it reaches 65 degrees. I tried the encoding again to get the temperature up to the seventies; then, I immediately rebooted to get into my BIOS setup. The temperature was in the fifties.
  6. My asus probe program is right on with the bios program are both of them inaccurate though?

    I usually run about 110 F idle not sure of the celcius but its 110 idle

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  7. argh!


    use Motherboard Monitor instead. heaps more reliable!!!

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  8. every one raves about that program, but i never got it to work at all. should it give readings "out of the box" or does it take some doing? im trying to get it to work on a soyo dragon+

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  9. if your lucky your settings are right out of the box, as it makes a guess.
    most of the time their wrong though.

    just have to go into the voltage or temp settings and choose the right imput, and use common sense
    with my temp readings i get about 5
    two of them = 0
    1 = 21
    1 = 43
    and the last one reads = 137.

    obviously the first two reading zero are garbage, as is the final one reading 137 C, unless the heatsink is off LOL
    so the middle two are the mobo and cpu temps.

    but for my old iwill kk266 it was a bit harder, as there was one that was obviously the CPU temp, but two about the same that possibly could be the mobo temp.
    i just shut the door to the room and watched them over time
    the REAL mobo temp slowly rose accordingly, the fake one rose but stopped at 23.
    who knows what it was reading.

    just need some trial and error

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