Where is the display driver located on win 7

i am trying to install autocad on win 7 but it is asking where are your display drivers located and i found outthat ms word and others would but i still have to know where they are located charles clayton e-mail heaven937@att.nethelp me if possible!! thanks
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  1. Hi

    I would advise editing to remove your email address unless you like spam

    your Windows 7 driver is probably located in c:\windows\system32\drivers

    but I would goto Autocad web site and look at FAQ for install problems as Autocad install would know that location.
    Problem maybe Autocad version specific.

    You also need to look at Autocad compatibility for different graphics cards & drivers

    you need to state if 32bit or 64 bit Windows 7 and Autocad version and Graphics type before anyone can really help you

    best of luck


    Mike Barnes
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