how do i get 100fps+ in CS

well,, how do i get 100fps+ in cs? i tried fps_max 200 in the console, but when i play, i only get 99 fps max, my monitor's refresh rate is 75hz i'm using a Xp.16, Radoen 8500 retail..win98se.
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  1. why would you need more fps? You're refresh rate is 75Hz you can only see 75 fps with that..
  2. i usually play with about 20 bots, so fps drops to 40 at times. it just dosnt' seems to be running that smooth nomore
  3. Hmmmm...

    Holy hell, I don't know. With that setup, and 20 bots, it should remain silky smooth all the time. The Halflife engine just isn't that taxing on a xp16 and Ati8500.

    Sounds like a really stupid driver problem, or the vsync is (for some reason) pulling you back. It shouldn't; but it's possible.

    Besides, at 40fps, it shouldn't be choppy. It doesn't start to get noticably choppy until right at 30fps.
  4. actually, i think i set the decal abit too high, such as bulletholes, corpse dissapearing time.. etc,
    i think it's getting better now cause i accidently left bank interleaving off for my ram setting. when i enabled it, eveything is runs much better
  5. why are you still using win98?

    Who ever made up the phrase, "If it aint broke why fix it" just didn't get it...
  6. cause it beats xp in gaming
  7. simple solution!

    set resolution to 320x240
    set refresh rate to 160
    set details to low
    enjoy :lol:

    Proud owner of the <b>Beige Beast</b> :lol:
  8. Yeah, after all this, I think I'm gonna agree with Lgh.

    Frag it!
  9. Not sure where you got the info that 98SE is faster than XP in gaming...I was quite sure it was the opposite. That's why I switched over :)

    Anyway, to answer you question, the HL engine is limited to 100fps, you can't go over that no matter what you do.
  10. there is a way to tell faster fps than 100 in the console. Instead of using netgraph 1 or 2 or 3. Time "time refresh" or "refresh time" or "timerefresh" or "refreshtime"

    Its been a while since i played, but waht it does is it spins you around in a circle and measures your fps.

    No matter how hard you don't want them to, Things eventually change.
  11. Point is, the engine won't output more than 100 fps, that trick you were talking about isn't displaying actual framerates, it's just taking the snapshots.
  12. but hey, its fun when you get like a 1000

    No matter how hard you don't want them to, Things eventually change.
  13. I have a PIII800 and I get 100fps with WinXP. With the CPU that u have I don't think running Win98SE will help u any...

    Who ever made up the phrase, "If it aint broke why fix it" just didn't get it...
  14. so are u saying xp is better for gaming? i'm quite sure it's the opposite.
  15. can only find one review on Win98se VS Winxp
    see for yourself
  16. I prefer XP for gaming. But everyone has their own little fantasy world.

    I've got mine. Get yours.
  17. That was a good article, thanks for the link. Looking at it, I guess if every single last fps matters, then 98SE seems like the way to go. But for total system performance, XP came out ahead. Going with the fact that both anandtech and THG have both moved to the NT core for their testing purposes, I'm going to stick with XP Pro myself :)
  18. ye, i suppose and eventually, i'll be migrated to xp as well, but there's somthing about the name that i dont' like, (Windows XP Pro), Windows 2 sounds way better, dont' u think?
  19. Couple things: the Half Life engine has undergone some MAJOR overhauls since 1.0. Increased texture sizes; much, much higher polygon models. The game actually does press the latest and greatest system. And with 20 bots in a game (why not try playing online) you can expect some slowdown.

    Also my experience has been that XP runs faster and way more reliably than 98 due in great part to the advanced memory management in place. Combine that with the ability to raise application priority, run on an NTFS file system, and multitask like a madman, you get an OS that actually comes very close to M$ claims.

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  20. I agree :) I think XP Pro finally comes close to what M$ claimed that Win95 would do, heh heh heh. I run all custom models for my guns and higher poly models for my players as well, so I can usually only expect 60-70 fps on my system. It's well worth it though, as the default gun models look pretty bad to me.
  21. hummmm sounds pretty good, then i will go with xp for my next upgrade.
  22. halflife can't go above 100 fps..that's why you can't. As for the 20 bots boggin down your fps..they'll do that, especially at the start of the round when they are all buying.
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