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okies...a week ago my Athlon 1.4 went up in a literal puff of smoke. while waiting on my replacement, I put an Athlon 850 on it so that I could use it in the meantime. From that point on I have had problems with my computer restarting, explorer crashing, and general poor performance. here are my specs:
Antec 400 watt power supply
ECS K7S5A board
currently a Athlon 850
Thermaltake Volcano5 cooler
4 case fans
40 gig western digital hard drive
32x CDRW
Gainward GeForce3
Hercules Game Theatre
Firewire PCI card
512 megs DDR memory
I already reformatted and reloaded windows and am still having the problem so any ideas/suggestion would be appreciated.
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  1. Sounds like something else was damaged there, slick. Any particular reason your cpu fried? If ya don't know, then it's possible that something malfunctioned or shorted out in your motherboard, which could also cause your current cpu to fry if left on that board.

    I suggest that, if possible, you trouble shoot the rest of your core (MoBo, DIMM's, PSU), and even some of your other items. Also, it could be as simple as a setting that you didn't change when switching CPU's, that is now still running at what it was with the faster cpu, causing data integrity problems. Probably should have said this the first paragraph could freak you out without good reason....DOH! Is that 850 the same bus speed? Does that board have fsb jumpers? fsb bios settings?

    If you can't figure out what wrong with it, there's one solution that always works. All you have to do is run a wire from your +12V ATX lead to the first diode after your northbridge...but let someone whose life you don't respect turn it on*

    *SiliconJon's advice in this [marked *] paragraph is strictly for amusement purposes only. Any use or misuse of this information is stricly the responsibility of the moron who follows it. I will not be responsible for persons of lower intelligence who actually take this advice seriously. If you want serious advice, please contact me personally for a time and material based contract for all consulting and technical services.

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  2. i think it could be the driver's problem. Use a new install windows(with format) and try if it work.
  3. or you could see in the bios if the cpu have 2 much voltage
  4. or youu could just use a hammer and trash everything, then say to the salesman that your cmp blow up and demand a new comp
  5. or the problem can be poor install or sucky heatsink or fan (no offence) causing the comp to overheat
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  7. I believe it is one of 2 issues.

    1) Your Motherboard fried when your CPU died. It might need replacing. Look for burn/scorch marks by the CPU socket.

    2) You FSB is set to 133 and needs to be set to 100. Also make sure your CPU multiplier is set to 8.5.

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  8. just wanted to say that i appreciated the feedback. got tired of screwing around with the damned thing and decided to get a Gigabyte GA-7VRXP for $105. thought that was a pretty good price with the features it offers in comparison to other mother boards
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