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I have a 40GB hd with c: os, d: apps, e: data. Right after backing up 3GB of data to this computer, my e: the data partition is gone. It won't show up in my computer anymore.
I have rebooted my time, same thing. fdisk shows one big extended drive on d:. I can boot into windows, but e: is not showing up. I scanned the hd with a virus scanner and nothing shows up. I do a scan disk, no errors.
my thinking is that the HD got mess up because of too much activity while backing up 3GB of data. it some how mess up the mbr. or a virus has caused it.

I am thinking about reformatting the hd, but how can I make sure that the virus wouldn't show up again? Should I do a fdisk /mbr before reformatting?

Does this seem to be a virus or a hard drive failure?

do you recommend i buy a new hd or just reformat?

thanks in advance.
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  1. Thats how my 60 gig died(ibm 60gxp) the partition just vanished, and I got io access errors.

    I hate ibm now.

    :wink: The Cash Left In My Pocket,The BEST Benchmark :wink:
  2. my hd is an ibm too.
    actually the drive is still here, only one partition is missing. Too bad that is my data partition...
    I can recover most stuff from backup, but still...
  3. i would try clearing cmos. then reinstalling the heatsink. with a new helping of arctic silver. oops, i thought we were talking about CPUS in this forum, my bad.

    [insert philosophical statement here]
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