could you please evaluate my system?

Ok guys this is the computer I'm going to build and since they're so many pro's here I would love your input on what works well and how can I improve without much more for price. I'll be using the computer mostly for games.

Can't really spend more then 1700-1800 it comes out to around there.

400 Watt ATX compatible case with 3 fans
Viewsonic 19in graphic series
2.2 GHZ northwood 512k
512mb of pc800
dvd player
plextor cdrw
Visiontek Xtasy Geforce4 TI4600 128MB
Maxtor 80 GB Ultra 133 7200 RPM(Do i need anything with this?)
Creative labs sound blaster live! Audigy X-gamer
3com network card
microsoft explorer intellimouse optical

all for alittle over 1800. How does this sound This will be my first time building a computer. Does this seem like a pretty nice deal? thank you so much for the help
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  1. That's a great system...bump your CPU down to a 1.6 or 1.8 and get some decent speakers if you don;t already have them. Take a look at Newegg for prices, they're very competitive, and their service is unparalleled. I live in CT and received a Firewire Controller card from them that I ordered on Wednesday afternoon (they are in CA and I got the Fedex Saver delivery which was pretty cheap). You'll love the viewsonic...great monitors. Oh yeah, take a look at the Antec 1080 case...that thing is awesome! It wold compliment your system very well.

    Good luck

  2. Well, here's what I have to say. Although I'm not exactly a pro, but I guess I can help out a bit. Unless you're going to be ripping DVDs or something you'll almost never need that kind of hard drive. a 60GB should be enough. 2.2 P4 are crazily priced right now. Oh on that point are you going to be overclocking? If not, then AMD would probably be a better choice for you. If you are interested in overclocking then Intel will probably be better.

    I'm leaving now, but I'll post two comps in the morning.

    P.S. Don't forget speakers. They acutally cost quite a surprising amount...

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  3. Ah I see it does make more sense to go with a lower CPU I think i'll change that to 1.8 northwood save like 200bucks that's more then worth it. Thanks for the info rick and guys I really appreciate it. Oh and as for AMD I had one and needless to say I think i'll try a Pentium this time.

    and I will lower the harddrive there isn't any need for that I suppose.

    Thank you so much guys.
  4. change the soundcard to like Santa Cruze turtle beach and your set. Everything else looks good though.

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  5. The P4T-E doesnt use ata133....Not a big dea. It uses ata100 and the performance difference isnt much.....just dont think the drive will run in ata133.

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  6. Hey I'm back. Since you'd like to try a P4 system here it is. It's basically the same system as one I posted before with some improvements pointed out by Fatburger and some other people I can't remember. I'll use pricing once again.

    1. ANTEC Performance PLUS Model PLUS660 (BLACK)- with Antec Original TRUE P4 Power Supply 330Watt - $91
    2. Intel Pentium4 1.8A GHz 512K Socket 478 Processor 400MHz Processor Bus - $196
    3. P4T533-C Socket478 i850E Chipset w/Audio & Lan supports PC1066 RDRAM P4T533C - $167
    4. 2xSamsung 256MB PC800 NonECC RAMBUS RDRAM RIMM - 2x$83=$166
    5. Lite On 32x12x40 CDRW Model LTR-32123S BLACK Color - $82
    6.Lite-On 16x DVD Model LTD-163 Black - $54
    7.MAXTOR 60GB 7200RPM Model # 6L060J3 - OEM -$90
    8.Logitech Cordless Freedom Optical Keyboard and Mouse Bundle - $79
    9.NEC MultiSync FE950+ BK 19" (BLACK) FLAT MONITOR - RETAIL - $305
    10.Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy Xgamer - $84
    11. Leadtek Winfast Geforce4/GF4/TI 4600 / TI4600 128M DVI/TV. RETAIL BOX. - $329

    For a grand total of $1643.

    That's a sweet looking black computer. If you just sticked with white you could probably save $50. The Asus board I was unable to find on so I went to pricwatch. It is a fairly new board and has ATA133 and USB2.0, which could come into a lot more use in the future. You should be able to get that 1.8A to 2.4 with a 133MHz FSB with the stock HSF, but if not go out and get a more powerful one.

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  7. Wow thanks chuck you help me out a ton. This computer is even cheaper also then the one I was going to get. Could you help me alittle more about the motherboard thing? I'm trying to understand how it works.

    the motherboard is this a intel one? or is it an asus? Thanks again so much.
  8. It is an Asus board with an Intel chipset. (850E) I don't think the Intel boards have USB2.0, but Asus seems to have added that feature. Also Intel boards don't support PC1066 RDRAm, but Asus also does. <A HREF="" target="_new">This</A> is the Asus page on the P4T533-C. Looks great!

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  9. Hmmm.... just looking back at the components I wrote. The Asus board also has 6 channel sound, so a sound card may not be necessary. I've never used on board sound before so I don't know that quality, but if it's no good then you could always go and buy a sound card. If it is fine, then you just saved yourself $84. It's like a win win situation.

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  10. dump that case and look at the Antec 1080b...I got a 1030 and I love it. The 1080 came out just after......<A HREF=""535088"&sid="3ce97fd806cee822274141de46f006d2"&price="$125.00"" target="_new">CLICK HERE TO SEE IT</A>

  11. I was trying to save him some money. The Antec 1080 is more than $40 more than the 660. Plus it's kinda useless for his kinda system...

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  12. I see you are spending good $$ on this so I would suggest a Western Digital Special Edition hard drive with 8 megs cache. They are they fastest IDE drives you can get right now and the 80 GIG version is not much more then the one you are looking at, like $50. You get a larger drive and more important faster, as the hard drive is usually the slowest thing in your system.....

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  13. Ummm..... take it easy on the stuff there, he's just using it just for games, not for video editing or something like that. Just slightly better system than average, nothing too fancy.

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  14. I'd also say get the 80GB HDD.....its only like $30 more for an extra take space quickly, and if he's gonna download songs, I could easily see filling these drives up.....I think the 80GB drives are the best bang for the buck. As for the case, yep, it's about $40 more, but look at his components. If you want to save him money, tell him to get a cheaper MB, cheaper RAM......I wouldn't put all of these great components in a generic, the 1080 has all of the inputs (USB, Firewire, and controllers ports) on the front of the box.....for me, the looks of this case and that are worth the $40 alone. Also, COMPMAN, I have that Logitech iTouch cordless mouse (optical) and keyboard, and I love them...these are a great add-on, well worth the extra cash. Good luck.

  15. i think he should just stick with the asus P4T-E...not the P4T533-C because IIRC...the "C" in the P4T533-C is not a good thing.
    but its up to for onboard sound....c-media has really good sound (about the same as a SB live i think) you'll be saving some $$ with that... can just get a lite-on cdrw because it performs equal to that of a plextor for a much lower cost (i think around $70 for a retail box).

    <b><font color=red>ATI</font color=red>'s drivers are like a broken faucet, they both keep on leaking...</b> :cool:
  16. Why is the "C" not a good thing? I looked at the specs and they look great. Also about the writer, I did put in a Lite-On writer.. so I really don't know what you're talking about... wow, just looked at the price of the Lite-On writer, it's only $77 now. The white version is only $70. I just love the look of a black comp, so that's why...

    Rickd59, I looked at that Antec 1080 case and it looks quite nice. I'd say if he has the money to go for that instead.

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  17. So you guys would recommend that case instead? And about the mobo? what exactly is wrong with it? should I stick with the 533-C or just get the Asus p4T?

    Thanks again guys for all the help
  18. I've heard nothing bad about the Asus P4T533-C. It has great overclocking features, has USB 2.0 support and also PC1066 support.

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  19. I think it's tough to find a bad ASUS board, but if you're leary, then make sure that you get the P4T-E, not the P4T. Also, if you need a sound card, pick up a Turtle Beach Santa Cruz....I love mine, and it only costs around $60. Also, if you decide for the 1080B, then you could even get white components since this case has a door that closes over them so that they can't be seen. If you don't care, or are willing to paint one yourself, take a look at the ASUS CD-RW's (40x and 32x). I don't know anyone who has either of these components, but they are retail editions, and I would bet they are great components (again, ASUS seems to do things the right way). Either way, good luck and let us know what your final system is, when you order it, and the final price.

  20. i would recommend a different power a 350 or 431 Watt Enermax. They cost a bit more but are worth it in the long run.
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