This one is going to take an expert Win7/IE8/Outlook2007

We run Windows 7 with Outlook 2007 and IE 8 in our office. I have user with a few issues and I think all have to do with a cache issue but not sure.

When in outlook 2007, user has an email selected in the Email list and presses delete or right click delete. The reading/preview pane does not update to the next email. It continues to show the email that was deleted.

User cannot open any appt in the calander, when the reminder pops up she can open and view it but still cannot edit.

We run IE8 because our internal web app doesn't work with IE9.

In IE8 the user cannot copy/paste in random websites and at random points in the page. User can copy/paste in our internal web app hosted on our website. I tried highlighting different content and some would work some would not and it wasn't in a any specific point.

Delete all ost/oab files, add a new profile, run a repair on outlook, enabled all disabled items, and verified the option to open next email was selected when an email is deleted but the apply button was greyed out. It's not greyed out for any other user on their machines. (Just made me think it could be a local profile issue, I'll try rebuilding that tomorrow morning).

Cleared IE cache and objects, reset all settings to default, emptied windows clipboard.

Anyone have any other ideas before I rebuild this user's laptop?
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  1. Three things I would check - first, permissions on the user's folders, including sub-folders. Make sure he/she is the owner of the folders.

    Second - corrupted file(s) - try running SFC /SCANNOW and check the log to see if there were corrupted files.

    IE 8 also has security settings (restricted/trusted/local intranet/internet) that could be changed causing this problem.
  2. check if her settings are the same as the other user .
  3. Update...

    I've built the user a new laptop, deleted her old profile and loaded a new one without copying over her files, and have moved her to a new cube with new peripherals. She is still having these issues. The IE security settings are controlled via GPO and only our sys admins have access to changing those. I'm at a loss on what else to try...
  4. could you give her admid permission for the e-mail and i would try the new outlook .com to see if she could do something .
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