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Hello all,

I am upgrading from the Windows 7 RC this weekend into a clean install of Windows 7 Home Premium. I know I waited to the last second! During this process I am also installing a new Western Digital 1TB BE hard drive to use for the new clean install of Windows 7. My questions is can I install Windows 7 to the new hard drive, change my boot order in BIOS and boot up? Then can I go into my old hard drive that is still in the machine and pull all my data from it? This drive will still have the RC loaded on it with all my info. I don't have an external hard drive to back up to and am trying to avoid making a ton of DVD's with all my music, photos, etc.

I then plan to format my old hard drive and use it for backup. Will this work?

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  1. Yes it will work.
    You won't be working in BIOS for the boot order though. You can change the default operating system order through System Properties after you're installed Win7 to the new HDD.
    You can get there through the Control Panel - System and Security. Or by using the Start Menu and right mouse clicking on Computer and choosing properties.

  2. Awesome, thanks for the info! Everything did work and I am back up and running.
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