I need help with an athlon

I really neeed some help with a problem. I just bought a T-bird slot A 850 to replace my 500 mhz chip on my second computer. This is in an Asus K7M mobo but everything has slowed WAY down. Did I get a bad chip or is there an issue with this motherboard supporting the higher speed? I am running 98se with 3 pc100/133 sticks (all Cas 2) for a total of 256mbs of Ram. Anyone have any ideas?
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  1. Just a thought, but maybe your FSB is at 66MHz? I think the T-birds are supposed to run at 100MHz? Or something like that. Use CPUID or something to see if your CPU is running at full speed.

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  2. no my fsb is at 100, and with the 500 mhz chip I had it overclocked to 110 and stable. the cpu shows up as a 850 at post but everything is just dog slow.. I wonder if this has anything to do with the L2 cache being half as much? and I can't get my ASUS probe utility to work at all either
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