What's the fastest CPU?

I'm going to build 2 new computers, one for OLTP database server, other for multimidia jobs. Each computer will start with 2 CPU. I'm also looking for a mainboard using the ServerWorks Grand Champion High End(GC-HE) chipset.

Which one is faster, XEON DP 2.4GHz (512KB L2 Cache) v.s. XEON MP 1.6GHz (256MB L2 Cache, 1MB L3 Cache)?
Any suggestion?

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  1. The 2.4GHz chip should be far faster.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  2. the 2.4ghz would be faster for aps that don't have MP support. Aps with MP support might be slightly faster (woops).

    It would be cheaper to just get a pentium 4 2.5ghz as the point of the XEON processor is for MP'ing. If you have no plans to run a dual processor just get the pentium 4 w/ RDRAM.

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