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A rather simple if rantish question, but does anyone know if there is a way to remove the massive bloated toolbar thing on the bottom of WPV? I mean i litterally have to sit here and wonder who woke up one morining, had their cup of coffee (or didnt) and thought OH HEY LETS PUT THIS OVERSIZED BAR HERE THAT TAKES UP HALF THE ******* SPACE THAT WOULD BE USED TO VIEW PHOTOS YEAH THIS IS GREAT.
Sorry for the caps, but they convey my frustration much more accurately. So, if anyone knows a way to remove it so all that can be used is the keyboard shortcuts, or an alternative that doesn't do a million things i don't need it to do, you will be my hero for the week.
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  1. *Forgot to mention, i cant/dont use fullscreen mode because it doesn't seem to want to like multiple monitors.
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