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Hi, This is my first post here but i have been lurking for awhile and haven't seemed to find an answer to my question. I'm about to build a new computer and I couldn't decide between a XP2100+ or getting a 1.6a/1.8a and OC'ing to 2.4. I have saved the money though for the XP2100+ system and the price saving by going intle would be about 120$. Since I am prepared to pay that additional money i wondered whether i should stick with the 1.8a/1.6a (can't decide) and get the new intel i850E boards (they're on newegg.com for about 159$, id need the one without the lan as i already have a nice 3com). With the i850E I could then get 2 sticks of Samsung PC800 (OC'd to PC1066) memory for only 15$ more than a 512 stick of DDR333 Samsung and wouldn't i have the same performance as a 2.4B/533/133 computer? Also would the intel boards allow the overclock from the 1.6a or 1.8a to the 2.4, bellow is what i'm looking at

Intel Motherboard D850EMV2 for P4 478 Processors
1.6a or 1.8a OC'd to 2.4
2 PC800 Samsung 256MB OC'd to PC1066
Geforce Ti4400
Audigy Platnum Internal
Video Blaster Digital VCR
Western Digital 80GB SE (8MB Cache)
Toshiba 16X DVD
Liteon 32X Burner
Lian-Li PC7USB Case w/ Antec TruePower 330W

Or would the P4S533 and 512MB 333DDR Samsung be smarter? Sorry for the length but thank for any help y'all can offer
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  1. 2.4 isn't a guarantee like 2.1 is. Infact, the success rates drop from 95% to around 70. So I wouldn't be so sure you get 2.4.

    Anyways, I know a 1.6A goes for 130 bucks... And one of my friends crushed his Athlon XP core (I heard rumors they were much more prone to crushing with HSF attachment) and he didn't get a refund (duh?).

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  2. I thought the success rate was 98% as stated by Eden? You mustve tested a different batch of processors. Getting 2.4 is less common because different Mobo's, Ram chips, vid cards.....etc. I bet on that Abit "850" mobo(TH7II?), where you can lock down PCI Bus, you can get the 1.6 to 2.4 most of the time.

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  3. Look around here for the board that FUGGER and FatBurger recommend for overclocking the P4. I personally can't remember what it's called. If you want the most bandwidth for your P4, the RDRAM is what you need, though DDR333 or DDR400 would have no problem with those high speeds either. I seem to remember hearing somewhere that a P4+DDR will OC better, but I may be wrong. Your best bet is to find FUGGER, FatBurger, or Raystonn (though he is absent as of late).

  4. Intel motherboards don't overclock. If you want to overclock to 2.4GHz with a 1.6A, the DDR will provide you better performance. Here's a <A HREF="http://homepage.ntlworld.com/ad.leach/ddr450.JPG" target="_new">screenshot</A> of the P4S333 with a 150MHz (2.4GHz) and 450MHz at semi-aggressive settings.

    You'll save a lot of money and you'll have a system equal to or faster than PC1066 RDRAM in performance.

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  5. damn that's a huge diff between DDR and RDRAM

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  6. The DDR RAM is overclocked however. You'll get approximately the same score on PC1066 RDRAM.

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  7. Intel motherboards don't overclock, except by modifying detection pins, and the latest Intel boards won't support a memory speed of PC1066. If you want to overclock to 2.4GHz with a 1.8A, RDRAM will provide you better performance. I suggest the TH7-II.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  8. on stock Pc 1066

    Nothing say that Pc1066 cannot overclock to Pc1200 or higher

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  9. Exactly, but "official" PC1066 isn't out yet. A few Samsung PC800A reach PC1200, however.

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  10. Exactly, but "official" PC1066 isn't out yet. A few Samsung PC800A reach PC1200, however.

    true but SIS

    Personally DDR 400 standart are not finish (if the do it) even so DDR 400 is going to be sold.Why samsung dont sold Pc1066 and Pc1200.There many benchmark (some are 8 month old) with pc 1066 all run perfectly stable.There something we dont know or they dont want to release RDRAM.

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  11. Pc800A do you talk about rambusa

    cheap, cheap. Think cheap, and you'll always be cheap.AMD version of semi conducteur industrie
  12. PC1066 has been out for about two weeks, as well as PC800A/PC800-40.

    You can get PC1066 online from <A HREF="http://shop3.outpost.com/product/3308112/" target="_new">here.</A>

    Go with the PC800-40, 100% compatability with existing mobo's and still be in spec to run at PC1066 speeds. New mobo's that support PC1066 should be fine with the Muskin/Remarked Samsung.

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  13. Not to long ago I had an Athlon XP 1800+ that was plenty fast for me until Thoroughbred's release. But when my mobo died I went for a 1.6a and an Epox 4BDA2+ with some Samsung True PC2700 ram. Well the ram I got ended in "TCB3" instead of just "CB3" and turned out to only get around 380 MHz not 400, so with my CPU at 2.4 GHz and DDR300 I'm hardly getting more performance than my 1800+ Some how I don't think that extra 100 MHz memory increase will give me that much more performance.
    If you have the money spring for the 2100+ or an RDRAM based Pentium 4. And I'm almost 100% sure that that Intel boards won't be suitable for your overclocking desires, I believe they have little to no support for overclocking. Almost any 850E board should give good performance, and the Asus board with this chipset is proving to be pretty good so far. On the horizon though are some 850E based boards from Gigabyte, Abit, and Epox that should all be pretty good overclockers.
    Since my 4BDA2+ is probably defective (the cmos won't reset from the jumper) I might be sending it back to newegg and getting something else. I must admit an 800 MHz overclock is impressive, but to hardly get more performance than a 1533 MHz AMD Athlon was a very big let down. my 3Dmark2001se scores went up about 400-500 points and Sisoft Sandra scores are pretty close too.
    The only thing I'm happy about with the intel setup is the stability, and thats the only reason I won't go right back to AMD, suprisingly I've never built an AMD system that *felt* this stable after having such a long uptime. Unless your getting a 1.6a or maybe a 1.8a up to around 2.4 GHz the intel just isn't worth the money. Ideal performance would be to get the 1.6a up to 2.4 with RDRAM giving you PC1200, or maybe even (with a little luck and nice cooling) a 1.8a up to 2.7 GHz with PC1200, but the later is very unlikely, the 1.8a chips just don't get the same percentage increases as the 1.6a unless you throw in water cooling which considerably adds to the price.

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  14. Quote:
    Here's a screenshot of the P4S333 with a 150MHz (2.4GHz) and 450MHz at semi-aggressive settings.

    I expected more from 450MHz. My RDRAM at "PC920" gets around 3.5GB/s.

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  15. Pc920? Aren't you running a 157MHz FSB? That's PC942?

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  16. 155, actually. You could be right, I always forget and I can't be bothered to do the math right now.

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