CPU shims, necessary?

I just got a Athlon XP 2100+ and notice that some folks are selling cpu shims. I never had such things on my previous Intel processors. Do they have any functionality or are they a waste of money? It seems like they would trap heat instead of pass it to the heatsink.

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  1. If you move your computer a lot to go to lan parties, or movement for any reason a CPU shim can be some extra insurance to ensure your CPU doesn't get chipped. It doesn't really touch the heat sink except when your putting it on, but does shift to touch it, because if the heat sink sat on the shim then it wouldn't make contact with the CPU.
    I got a shim for my Athlon XP 1800+ because I always went to lan parties and I had a big heavy copper cooler (CAK-II 38) and I was a lot happier knowing I had that extra protection for my CPU.

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  2. if your getting one, i suggest getting a non copper one, they tend to keep heat on the processor rather than pull it away. =)
  3. I agree with Oni. Doesn't help to reach lower temperatures (if have read some comments about it), but it is worth if you move your computer frequently, because the HSF has a higher surface to distribute the pressure. Even if you not planning to move the computer, the cost of a CPU shim is so low that I think it's worth.

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  4. no

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  5. id say no its not worth the trouble...i go to a lot of LANs and dont have any problems...just dont drop ur computer!!

    hehe this can be hard at 5 in the morning
  6. how compitent are you at puttin on a heatsink?
    if your a novice i probably owuld reccomend one.

    but a moderate amount of care and respect should be sufficient.

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  7. that is true...
    but i dunno...i have put on many athlon heatsinks, and removed many as well.
    and i put a shim on my computer because i dont feel like buying a new cpu because i moved my computer and it got bumped, or when i was taking the heatsink off or putting it on, something went wrong.
    and they are so cheap...why not?
    but it is really up to you...
    as for the heat thing, they really dont do anything.
    i have a copper one myself, and it didnt do anything either way (plus or minus heat).
    just gave me the assurance that i wont crack my core for some dumb reason.


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