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Well. I am planning on building a PC: I have been told the there will soon be a new line-up of AMD processors - If I buy a motherboard that can cater for Althlons now (Perhaps the Pc 810 or the Elite K7S5A) will I be able to upgrade in the future, to the new line up of Althlons?
Also, I this is possible and I decide to continue with buying an Althon XP, which shall I buy? I have been deciding between the 1700, 1800 and the 1900 - Is there a huge jump between 1800 / 1900? (I will be gaming).
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  1. please guys...i would love a reponse... :(
  2. probably...but no gurantees....the motherboard manufacturers might release a BIOS update to make existing motherboards compatible with newer cpus...but like i said...no gurantees.

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  3. Hey, don't worry, here we come!

    First of all, just an advice: check if other has asked the same before, maybe the answer has been already posted.

    Anyway, let's see. Current mobos for AMD support XP, and almost for sure Tbred (will be released on June if everything is ok) and Barton (it is not clear if finally it will see the light). Tbred is just a shrinked XP and Barton has additionally 512Kb L2 caché. Here you finished.

    Hammer (you have read probably about it) will be released Q4 this year (nobody knows for sure). It's different and you will need to buy a new mobo. So, is up to you.

    Oh yes, buy the lowest XP, mainly for 2 reasons: first, you can overclock it easily to reach superior performance (just think that there is only 66Mhz between XPs; increase a little bit the FSB and you are there). And second, if you plan to play games these CPUs are enough, god! The critical component will be the GPU (graphic card). I don't know if you are budget limited, but any Geforce 4 will be ok (CAUTION: except for the MX series, ignore it!)

    Hope that I help you.

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  4. Hello,

    The new boards coming out will be compatible with both the Athlon and the Duron CPUs.
    Why don't you look at buying a Duron? They're excellent value for the money, and speed ratings satisfactory for gaming, and save your hard earned dollars for spending big on other things needed for a good gaming rig.
    A good graphics accelerator, and plenty of Ram, for example.
    A fast CPU is useless without Ram.
    The next generation of Durons with the .13 micron core, are going to be faster again, and should see you through until about 2007.
    Computors will be something else, then.

    Regards to all.
  5. Durons are being replaced by XPs and there is no way that a Duron will last until 2007. You would be lucky if it lasted you 3 years, since these are the slowest line of processors for AMD. The hammers are going to become the mainstream desktop processors for AMD in about 1.5 years, which means that a major upgrade will be needed if you get a Duron now.
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