Which laptop is best to use in class?

I am currently in college and never thought I would have needed a laptop in class until now, I used to take my 14" laptop every once in a while. I am taking Java this semester and will have to do some beginner coding.

My main requirements are:
Portability without excessive sacrifice to screen size (10 in laptops are too small for me),
Ergonomy because I will be coding on this laptop
Lastly quality I will be carrying this computer everywhere I go

I have boiled down my search to these three laptops:

Which one would you choose? Or what else should I consider? Right now I really like the Acer Aspire because of size and processor.
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  1. Hello johnkerry;

    Any of those will do all that you need in Java coding. (and a lot more besides).
    Of the 3, I'd probably chose the HP based on cost savings, based on what you say you're going to use it for.

    HP DM1 - best available price is now $370
    It's not the lightest but is the lowest price, has a 7200rpm HDD and longest running battery. HP Pavilion dm1z Review

    Acer TimelineX 1830T has the more powerful ULV CPU and is the lightest of the 3 you listed.
    Acer Aspire TimelineX 1830T Review

    Asus UL20FT didn't get an especially good review from LaptopMag so you'll want to check the article over closely.
    Asus UL20FT-A1 Review
  2. WR2

    I ended up going with the Acer because I got it for $479 on Amazon.

    I looked in the DM1Z on HP's website. The price must have increased, I used the coupon your provided but there was a price increase on the laptop since the coupon was posted and I was going to be charged a tax the total came out to $450

    I decided I might as well pay $30 more for a better processor 1gb more ram and larger HDD.

    The Lenovo IdeaPad looks good but I think the Acer is a real bargain.

    Let me know your thoughts if any as I can still cancel my Amazon order.
  3. Apple MacBook Air
  4. Best answer
    With the HP DM1 price rising to $450 and the TimelineX 1830T dropping to $479, that big price swing makes the 1830T a lot more interesting. Both are good choices, it's looking like the 1830T is now a great value.

    Acer Aspire TimelineX 1830T Review
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