Toshiba Sattelite M115-S3094 not Booting

I have had this system for about 2 years now. Recently i started having problems starting it up. As far as my memory can serve me, it started after i backed up files from an infected system on it. While i was working, it suddenly went off. I ordinarily suspected the system fan, it turned out to be very ok. I powered on the system but it failed to boot beyond the Windows XP/Intel Logo screen (black screen). In my confusion i removed the batteries, turned it on and it started up.
Subsequently however, the problem persisted. Even when i take the bateries off or not, it does not boot beyond the above mentioned screen. Sometimes it boots to windows, then to desktop just for it to go off after a while. I can hardly use my system now.
I am so confused now. I don't know what to think. Whether its a corrupt OS, Virus action from the saved file ( they are still there) or low harddisk capacity (less than 8gigs) i don't know.

If any one has a clue as to what i can do, pls help out.
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  1. run some tests - memtest etc
  2. Hello bigtee;

    You can test and see if it's a corrupted or malware infested OS problem. Which is what it kind of sounds like. The 8GB low HDD disk issue can be malware related.
    I know you mentioned you've had that laptop for two years. Did you get it used?

    Make yourself a bootable CD with an OS other than Windows.
    Ubuntu Desktop It's Linux, not windows, but I think it will boot off the CD without needing to be installed on the HDD.
    If you need to rescue important personal files or data you can use the Ubuntu file manager.
    It works enough like Windows I think you'll be able to figure it out.

    If Ubuntu runs nicely on your laptop and you're not having the type of problems you mentioned? I think you can probably figure it's a bad OS or Malware problem.
  3. Hello WR2,

    Thanks for your comment. Yes, i got it used. It was a gift actually.

    Please how do i carry out these tests you mentioned? I am not familiar with Ubuntu n Linux too. Can figure it out though, Just need some little direction if u can. Thanks

    For nw, i am managing to use it. Still misbehaves once in a while though.

    Thanks in advnce
  4. The link above gives you the download option and explains how to burn the .iso image to a CD. Use the Show Me How button.
    Also read the Try It - Show Me How example. Use the Try Ubuntu choice and everything will run from the CD.
  5. Thanks pal, i will try it out and give yo feedback. Thanks lotss
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