The screen has been cracked on the inside

how do i get my screen fixed i have warranty
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  1. Hello kristynewell84;

    How did the screen get cracked? Is it the standard Acer Warranty?

    There is a chance the warranty won't cover a cracked screen. Check your warranty terms and see if it says anything like:
    "not obliged to repair or replace a failed product if that failure is a result of physical breakage, iaccidents, misuse, "

    You might be on the hook for the cost of a replacement part.
  2. then get warranty - contact the manafacturer
  3. Most likely, physical damage like a cracked screen won't be covered under warranty. Most manufacturers won't cover it. That's not to say they won't repair the laptop, but they'll charge you for the cost of the screen (which is usually much higher than aftermarket) and hit you for an exorbant amount of labor. Your best bets are to...

    1) Find a replacement screen on eBay and swap it yourself. This usually isn't all that hard, if you're handy with a screwdriver. Usually it just involves finding the correct replacement, removing the laptop's screen bezel, and swapping screens. Most screens have two cables that are both quick disconnects. Just patience, caution, and attention to detail is all that's required. Not rocket science. On a scale of 1 to 5 for computer repair, it gets a 1.5 to 2 in my book.

    2) Take it to a reputable local computer shop and get a quote for repair. Most reputable shops are reasonable on their labor. If they want more than $125 labor, look elsewhere. Most should be lower than that, unless they're trying to screw customers.
  4. Well kristynewell84 can argue that there was no excess force put on the laptop because the screen is not showing a definite symptoms of excessive impact force (the clear cover in front of it is intact). You can just as easily say that the design is flawed/the quality of screen is bad/fragile is the course of the damage. With inconclusive evidence to support excessive force is the course of the damage, their argument is weak and you can turn that around and blame their quality. Innocent until proven guilty, they cannot prove you guilty, so advantage to you.

    Blame it on craftsmanship and see how it goes.
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