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CPU: Pentium 233mhz (HAHA)
Mobo: I have NO clue...Has two different parts, one for PCI and AGP the other for the drives.
It also has another board that connects to the cd-rom and floppy drives which connect to the other 2 boards by a long round cable. ???
Vid Card: 4mb ATI Rage II+
Sound Card: No Clue
Memory: 32mb
HD: clue on the RPM. (I have 10 games...To play some I have to uninstall others...sad really :frown: .)
CD-Rom: I think 4x?
Yamaha 2.1 speakers
Sony trinitron 19'

What do you guys think of this? I can play Unreal Tournament on very low quality and Diablo 2 LOD. After 6 years this computer still runs! So you really shouldn't complain about your computer being slow after 1 1/2 years. By the way it's an IBM Aptiva with Win 95. It pissing me off though since I always lose in games due to lag.

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  1. Have you seen those games on another computer?????? Your computer is not running those games correctly. The lag is horrible and the graphics are at low quality. It's not even worth playing. Especially LOD.

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  2. CPU: Intel 486DX2
    Mobo: some HP doohicky--it's got an ISA riser card plugged into a proprietary socket on edge of the mobo.
    Vid card: 1mb onboard cirrus logic
    Sound card: I hear jack s**t from this thing. :tongue:
    HD: 200MB IDE
    CD-ROM: hehheh*snort*sputter*HAHAHAHAH
    Memory: 24mb
    1.44MB Floppy
    Crappy little 14" Saber monitor with permanently faded phospors
    Two ISA 10baseT NICs and a token ring card (YEAH BABY, YEAH!)

    j00 == 0wned. :wink:

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  3. i used to have almost that same setup....
    i had a pentium 233mmx, 32 megs of pc-66 ram, a 1 gig SLOW A$$ hard drive, i think it was a quantum something...was really slow... NO cdrom, NO sound card, 14" monitor (no onscreen controls, just those knobs on the bottom). some cheap trident video card...i used to play games on that thing. well, after my neighbor gave me a cdrom...a 12x creative infra something...a real POS.
    then i saved up my money and bought a motherboard that supports a k6-2 550, got that, some more ram PC-100, a stealth3 s540 32meg agp video card, a 10 gig maxtor ata-66 hard drive, some ata-66 cables, an mx-300 sound card, and a case.
    spent every penny i had when i built it, went to a bunch of computer shows to get the parts rustled up, and then built it.
    and then i upgraded certain parts so i could "keep up".
    then i got a new motherboard and processor and ram.
    it helped a lot.
    i had to save up again, but it was worth it.
    if you set your mind to upgrade, and save as much money as you can, you would be able to upgrade your computer...
    you have a decent monitor there.
    better than what i have i think...i have a 17" viewsonic.
    when you do get a new computer, you can take this one, and set it up as a backup file server or something.
    4 gigs holds a lot of mp3s.
    and if you didnt have to really push the system, or do ANYTHING but store stuff on would have QUITE a stable machine for backing up.
    that is what i do with my old systems...
    or i give them to someone who doesnt have one...
    right now i have an athlon 900, which i overclocked to 1.07 ghz.
    supposed to upgrade as soon as i can...but, like before, i am saving up and will probably spend as much as i can.
    if you are young, and dont have cash, do some little jobs, like mowing lawns, and washing cars...
    believe me, if you do that all summer, and dont spend anything, you should have a good sum saved at the end of the summer!
    if not, then set aside a little bit of your paycheck or toss your spare change into a jar, and then have it turned into cash when you get a bunch.
    doing that, you will be able to save up rather quickly...and before you know it, you will have enough to upgrade, or even buy a complete system!
    oh, and as far as diablo goes...i think my friend who plays it told me that blizzard really screwed that game up, and because of that, the coding is messed up, and needs a REALLY high end computer to play it comfortably...
    and that friend who told me that sold his laptop to upgrade from an athlon 900 to an athlonxp 1600+, and added another 256 megs of ddr...
    now it plays on his computer pretty smooth.


    -Live, Learn, then build your own computer!-
  4. Jesus... I threw out about 5 of those last summer

    AMD XP 1900+
    Geforce 3 TI 200
    PC2100 512MB
  5. lemme see if i can remember the specs.

    486SX 25mhz
    some mobo w/ a daughter board
    8mb ram (upgraded from 4)
    1x cdrom
    1.3 gb HD (upgraded from 300mb)
    2400 bps modem (about 10x slower than 28.8)
    vid card that supports only 16 colors
    cheap onboard sound that uses the pc speakers for normal speakers.
    13 in. monitor
    win 3.1

    lemme see...i was able to use AOL 3.0 on this thing...and it ran doom II for a my dad just plays solitare on it....and this thing aint even Y2K compatible...i had to set the date back.

    <b><font color=red>ATI</font color=red>'s drivers are like a broken faucet, they both keep on leaking...</b> :cool:
  6. Well, I have to admit I was one of you just half year ago. Pentium 200MMX, Voodoo 1 4Mb, CDROM x2, SB16, 32Mb RAM. And I could play Quake III!!! Yes, I know, low resolution and some jumping in the screen :-)

    But I upgrade to some components, and it is a k6-2 500, 128Mb EDO @ 83Mhz (maximum the MB supports), Geforce 2MX PCI (no AGP on MB). Believe me, it is absolutely different!

    DIY: read, buy, test, learn, reward yourself!
  7. Pentium Pro 200
    Hewlett Packard mobo
    128MB EDO ram
    4MB graphics
    creative labs sound
    12??x cdrom
    6GB HDD
    17" compaq monitor

    it still plays most games unless they require a 3D graphics card and i can playback my DivX rips on it

    I'm out of my mind, but feel free to leave a message.
  8. Was EDO really good RAM back then?

    I can't beleive Dungeon Siege has a pitchfork weapon called "Hoe"! :lol:
  9. Hrm...


    Processor: Cyrix 166 running at 133 because mobo only supports Cyrix up to that speed.
    Motherboard: Generic board so generic that its post ID is not listed on the web under any generic listing.
    Video: S3 Trio, with 1 Meg of video ram.
    Sound Card: Aureal Vortex A3D.
    HD: 1.2 Meg Quantum thinggy.
    Monitor: 17 inch Olympic.
    CD-Rom: 8x generic.
    Midi card: MPU-401 generic.

    Running Windows 95. Number of times reinstalled in 6.4 years: Twice.


    I plugged my ram into my motherboard, but unplugged it when I smelled cooked mutton.
  10. Kinda makes you apppreciate even the old P4's doesn't it? :smile:

    What's this?...ERROR ERROR ERROR...*CRASH & BURN*
  11. Wish ya hadn't thrown those PC's out. I have a great alternative OS that would run beautifully on that setup and could have used it for my guest computer for internet access.


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  12. Quote:
    CPU: Pentium 233mhz (HAHA)

    It's what I use at work! No games here so it runs everything fine, although the hard drive is junk and bottlenecks the whole system tremendously. The CPU is plenty fast for much of what I need to do.

  13. I have a 386SX 25Mhz with turbo :) (8mhz without it)
    Graphics -> Trident 1 MB (imagine Quake III in this one)
    HDD 80MB (WOW)
    With 4MB of RAM (Nice)

    Its working fine, with Windows 3.11.
    Now I have an AMD K6-2 350Mhz oc 387Mhz :)
    With 128MB (Awesome)
    Voodoo2 12MB Creative
    SoundBlaster AWE32 with 2MB of ROM
    HD 10GB Maxtor
    15" Philips
    CDROM ASUS 50x (The best thing in the pack)
    CDRW SONY 12x8x4x
    ASUS SuperSocket7 Ali Aladin mobo
    Modem Zoom 56k Ext.
    With Win98 it rocks, I can almost play MDK2 :)
    Who needs a P4 or AthlonXP :)

    What is a computer? A graphic what? Is CPU a robot from StarWars? Oh! I will just turn ON the TV!
  14. edo was good when it was the best you could get. i think it was the last of the simms then dimms took over.

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  15. I still sell those systems.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  16. Yes, and EDO is as fast as 66Mhz! Yeah, and today we are talking about 266Mhz, 533Mhz, ... so sad. I had to squezee my EDO pushing it to 83Mhz. Even it's still really slow, but it's 25% faster that is supposed to be. That was before SS7.

    DIY: read, buy, test, learn, reward yourself!
  17. my little PPro 200 rocks. i havent found a program i couldnt run on it! i even ran autocad for a while on it while i was at college! it may not be the fastest out there but its always done everything ive thrown at it! and yes EDO was good ram back then kinda crap in comparison to todays tech but EDO is still expensive. the ram in the pc is worth more than the whole thing now. go figure!

    I'm out of my mind, but feel free to leave a message.
  18. We have a dual AMD 2000+MP with 2GB RAM that acts as a server to some 12 X-terminals in Linux. These terminals are all Pentium 133's with ~24-32MB RAM. We run LTSP (Linux Terminal Server Project) on a floppy, so no HD necessary on the terminals. This all runs over a 100MB network, and it's working very well.

    Mind you, the kind of games we play are mostly Potato-guy and SHITlikeTHAT. :smile:

    At home I have a PII-350 OC'ed to 466; 384MB RAM, and I run Linux and Win2K with little speed problems. Again, I don't play games (at all, really), but this system is plenty for office applications, web surfing and simple simulations (that's what I do).

    Don't throw away that old Pentium! Tell some hi-school about Linux/LTSP and a Server-terminal setup and spread the good word of computing!

    :lol: <b><font color=blue>gnintsakgnirkskir ksron</font color=blue></b> :lol:
  19. lol my school is selling 50 old comps used for CAD:
    Pentium 166
    128 EDO Ram
    1 Gig harddrive
    1mb S3 something forgot name
    SoundBlaster 16
    all for a low low low $75 but it is still faster then my oldest computer: Apple II!!!!! It runs hungman perfectly through ;)
    My sec comp:
    80387 (upgrade)
    4mb ram
    512mb or something harddrive
    All ISA
    An I/O card for all the things from serial to pall.
    soundcard that can only scream """BEEP"""
    And a so call video card (VGA I think)

    I know what you did last summer when you install amd, and now its time for punishment!! -Intel
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