guys how do you find out what mobo is in a compaq? i know there is a way, but don't remember. i need to flash a bios.

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    I'm not being a total smartass but there should be a model # on the Compaq case somewhere. Sometimes they also put it on the system properties panel under the General tab.

    If it's an OEM mobo you can screw things up if you grab a Bios from the Mobo manufacturers websight. But otherwise just use Sandra to find out what the chipsets are and try to match them up that way.

    Good Luck

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  2. i forgot to say that i want the real bios, not the compaq one which is on there right now. i know there is a web site for this, but cant remember what.

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  3. If you enter the serial number at compaq, you can have them list your parts, and one of them may be the board and manufacturer.

    However, they are OEM parts, so they usually have different setups anyway, and likely a BIOS flash would destroy the system.

    Why do you need a non-compaq bios?

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  4. i build and trouble shoot computers for compaq/HP :( these boards are specifically made for compaq. u need to get the bios flash from compaq. look for "Rompaq" on the site. dont use any other flash utility.
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