SOYO Dragon Ultra

Anyone seen any reviews or comments about the new Soyo SY-P4S645DX Dragon Ultra?

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  1. Anyone use this motherboard or have any comments on it?

  2. I know a couple of people that have the KT266a, they're good boards.

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  3. i got the dragon+ for my athlon, i am impressed.

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  4. anyone know if it supports the new P4's w/ 533Mhz FSB? Intel's website says so but Soyo's website doesn't mention it.

    Chipset Description
    SIS 645DX / 961B chipset
    Supports 533/400 MHz FSB

    Soyo taking their sweetass time getting this board it to retail. They offically announced this board on May 6th, and it STILL hasn't reached retailers.
  6. Still waiting for my Platnum version! I have the Dragon Plus, and it's pretty killer. Looking forward to more Bios control on the Ultra. I'm hoping to get more speed out of my AthlonXP 2000+ with the Ultra, maybe 2GHz!

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  7.'re waiting for your platinum version? Where did you find it? I've been looking everywhere for the kt333 platinum.
  8. Waiting, as in Pre-Order, but at least you can reserve one, when they do come in:

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  9. JackFrost said:
    Anyone use this motherboard or have any comments on it?


    The fact of the matter is this, if SOYO can't provide me with drivers for this frikin motherboard they should go out of business

    if so does anyone here KNOWS exactly where i can get the drivers for the KT600 dragon ultra?
  10. you do notice this thread is 7yrs old right?
  11. time to close another dinosaur thread
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