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Has anyone done business with ? I am about to buy a custom MSI notebook from them and just wanted to get some feedback if possible. Thanks
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  1. Hello petervann;

    How long has that company been in business?
    Did you run a check with the Better Business Bureau?
  2. No complaints in the BBB. Site has been around since 2002, but only recently seems to doing business. They have a good price on the laptop I want. I was just looking for any first hand advise.
  3. You might have trouble finding anyone who's bought from them. It looks like it might be a low volume operation. The business address resolves to some private residence. That's not automatically a bad thing.

    They do price-matching so compare prices with some of the other boutique builders like, or
  4. Thanks, yes I compared their price to all the big guys. I'll let you know how it works out. Thanks for the help.
  5. If you want a better chance to catch a Alim Computer customer you'd be a lot more likely to catch their attention if you mention the company name in your topic title.
  6. Great idea.
  7. You can edit your first post and make the topic title change there.
  8. OK, see you started a new topic. That works too.
  9. Received my MSI GT780DXR-095US, six days after ordering and I couldn't be happier. I recommend
  10. It's really interesting...
    The guy that want to know about if Alim Computer it's reliable it's the proper "owner" of the company...

    "Peter Van Valkenburg
    Director of Sales
    Alim Computer
    Alim Custom Computers

    Looks like someone wanted to create false feedback ...
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