Can i fix a moniter on an IBM think pad laptop if it\'s screen is not showing

hey there am called drizydre and i have an IBM thinkpad laptop which has a spolit screen, so can i fix a working flat screen monoitor on my laptop to act as my screen display?
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  1. Hello drizydre;

    As long as it's the laptop LCD screen that is bad and not the graphics card.

    If you hold the laptop near a light or shine a flashlight on it - can you see anything like a very dim screen?
    If so the desktop type monitor should have no problem running on your laptop.

    In any case it's worth hooking up a desktop type monitor and testing it out.
  2. And if you can dimly see the screen, that shows that the backlight is probably burnt out. That is a relatively inexpensive (compared to replacing the screen) repair job.
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