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I'm in the process of putting together a P4 system (only my second system build and first overclock), and I had a question about the heat dissipation. I'm going to buy an Abit TH7II and a P4 1.8A soon... hopefully, to overclock the FSB to 133MHz. Will the stock heatsink and fan be sufficient (I have no real desire to go past 133)? Also, will the "thermal pad" in the intel retail box be sufficient? Thanks for any advice, input, or suggestions!
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  1. The retail HSF will be fine. The included thermal pad will probably work, but I'd recommend scraping it off and using Arctic Silver anyway.

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  2. Thanks Fatburger... I appreciate the advice. But the specter of lowered P4 prices (see my other post) makes me wonder: with the 2.26 GHz P4B (already with the 533 MHz FSB) be the way to go (its supposedly going to drop to the $241 range)? Also, can I buy some Samsung PC800 and boost ITS clock so that its like PC1066 to go with this new processor? Thanks for any advice!
  3. Get some PC800A/PC800-40. I posted a link with it for sale, it should hit PC1066 and above easily.

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