Athlon XP 2000 handle heat better than a 1700 oc?

Does an Athlon XP 2000 (1.67 ghz) run any cooler than a 1700 (stock 1.47) overclocked at 1.67 ghz? I guess its a dumb question, but I don't know, maybe the 2000 has a bigger die which would transfer heat faster (more surface area).

Assume the same hsf.


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  1. On average the 2000+ will run slightly cooler due to its higher bin and better manufacturing, however the 1700+ may have been downbinned for demand, so you could get a 1700+ which runs as cool.

    In reality though, if thje 1700+ can hit 2000+ stable(99% of the time it can) their tempratures would vary only slightly from eachother.

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  2. generally yes.

    the 2000+ is generally a higher quality core, unless the 1700+ has been downbinned.

    however should u get a particulary sweet overclocking 1700+ that runs at 1.75v at 2000+ speeds they will both produce the same amount of heat.

    moreoften however the 1700+ requires a small voltage boost to let it run stable at 2000+, and the higher voltage means it has a bigger heat output.

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