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Here’s one more that may be unanswerable but…

I’m considering purchasing a low-end laptop (no gaming). I have it narrowed down to three units. All are similarly configured (i5-2410, 15”, 6GB RAM, 500+GB drive, full sized keyboard, etc.). I’m looking for your experience with either these specific units, or maybe more generically, these vendors. I’m quite familiar with Dell, but know very little about Lenovo or Asus.

Dell Inspiron 15R - $699
Lenovo E520 11433-FU - $560
Asus A53-XT4 - $550

Your thoughts would be much appreciated.

Steve K.
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    dell has the best support if you are the type to need it. asus support is an answering machine. lenovo has average support.
    if you need or want to replace the drive on the dell you will need to almost completely take apart the laptop to get to the drive.
    the lenovo has a super loud dvd drive but you can set it to quiet mode in the bios which fixes it at the cost of speed.
    couldnt find the exact asus laptop but people complain about the screen looking like poo on the models that are nearly the same. i bet they use the same screen.
  2. Excellent. I think I'm leaning toward the Lenovo - about $140 less than the Dell,

    Thank you very much,
  3. Which country are you in? ASUS customer support is excellent in my country.
  4. USA,
    I've actually change my mind a bit (nothing new). I'm now seriously concidering an HP ProBook 4530s.

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