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OK, sorry, I know I just asked this in my other posts but I have some detailed questions that aren't mentioned in the guides I see online. Here are some other ones that aren't related to it though:

1. When you say HSF, are you refering to the Heatsink, the Fan that goes on it, or both of them together?

2. I am going to use an AsusA7V333, Thermalright AX-7 Heatsink and a Sunon 2900rpm 80x80x25.5mm fan... Will these all work together correctly? Please don't tell me to get other fans or blah blah blah.. just will these work ok?

ok, i have some questions on applying the thermal paste..

3. When you put a tiny dab on the cpu.. you just put it OVER the words and everything? I am worried D:

4. I am very reluctant to spread the paste on the CPU with a razor or thin sharp object.. wont this scratch the switches in the CPU and ruin it? I am getting an XP2100+ so i really really dont want to mess this up.

5. what happens if some gets off the middle part of the CPU and onto the green plastic around it.. will it ruin it?

6. How bad could i mess this up doing this? lol, sorry about these same questions, but i really dont want to mess up a $239 cpu and $40 heatsink by not doing it right..
And yes i have looked at the instrcutions, i just had some of these questions above thjat werent in the instructions

7. Is this a good compound to get for my purpose?
"Arctic Silver's NEW Premium Silver Polysynthetic Thermal Compound: Arctic Silver 3. 3-gram( 1 cc. ) tube. Artic Silver"

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  1. 1. Both, its a combo of the heatsink witha fan.

    2. Yes, just fine.

    3. Only put the paste on the square in the middle of the CPU (its raised up). Just there, and about half a peice of rice worth.

    4. Use a clean credit card. Just spread it out evenly. You should use something to clean before applying, like acetone.

    5. No, but if you do spill use a lint-free wipe and clean off.

    6. You really can't mess it up, but try to put the right amount on. Clean the bottom of the heatsink with the acetone also, then rub some paste into the bottom with a plastic bag around your finger (you don't want any oil or dead skin). Rub that area with the cloth (but no acetone) which will leave a discolored area. That fills any microscopic gaps to help heat transfer. Now just put the right amount on the CPU, even it out, and put the heatsink on. Be gentle, keep it centered, and you're fine. Monitor CPU temps with MBM 5.0 or a temp program and make sure you don't see any CPU temps over 60C (you probably won't even come close with AS3 and that HS)

    7. Artic Silver 3 is the hands down best out there (as far as I've heard).

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