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Why the win7/8 boot failed?

March 1, 2013 9:34:31 AM

Hi :D 

My problem is, the boot is failed when:
[-] For 7: when 7 was loaded, it will making a windows logo from an abstract shape.
then it will 'blep', off, restarting, when the windows logo hadn't formed
[-] For 8: when the rou d cycle was rotating, 'blep'
Both No BSOD, making me so confused.
And once you got in desktop successfully, everything's normal
Well, it's true my laptop is old, but... I wanna know why this happen.

Some things:
[-] My ntbtlog:
the SUCCESS part is that's the log when it load successfully
the FAILED part, 'tis failed...
[-] Once, Repair Mode gave this:
A patch is preventing the system from starting
Error code: 0x490
[-] When I tried 7 safe mode:
FAILED: it 'blep' after loaded CLASSPNP.sys. But when I got into safe-mode safely,
that's also the last driver loaded, so does the problem lies after that?
[-] I don't know if there has a meaning, but some things I've done (semi-randomly) after this started:
- upgrade BIOS
- upgrade Intel's driver
- bootrec.exe fixmbr and fixboot
note that the problem happen before and after I've done this

I can't give up to install those before I know why it's impossible, since I really need to use one of them for my college assignment.

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