dual cpu..

hi all..
wanting some advice...
wanting a dual cpu system, not sure why just want one...
can anyone recommend me a system that costs little but is lightening..
i have been recommended a tyan board, with a dual 1800xp type amd cpus, a geforce 3 minimum and the normal.. ie fast hard drives etc..
is it worth to get a raid type board or do most dual cpu board come with that as standard?
not bothered about on board things, dont like that stuff... makes more problems than solves them...
if anyone can recommend me something it would be great ... thanks for the help guys and gals !!

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  1. First of all I wouldn´t recommend a dual system, it´s expensive and you can´t really use the dual power for anything other than multitasking. Normal application performance and gaming performance is not more powerful than a single CPU system. Still if this is what you want, I would strongly recommend RAID. Also be sure to get a good power-supply, VERY important, get a Antec or Enermax 400W+.
  2. check out 2cpu.com's formum.

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  3. what sort of motherboard, cpu config do you recommend?
    what sort of hard drives would be best for raid? are seagate/maxtor the best drives to go for? what would the performance be like?
    im not going to be using it for gaming i dont think, probably, mpeg encoding or something intensive...
    im wanting to try and see what the guys think of where i work think of it too.. they run a dual intel 3 1.2ghz (i think maybe just a 1ghz not sure) but i say to them about intel being rather expensive and they should try amd or something... they kinda laughed.. im not sure why...
    but apart from that, would scsi be worth looking at or too expensive again? need more info please!!!
    thanks for the replies tho..

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  4. What Tyan motherboard was recommended to you?
    The 2x Athlon Xp 1800+ is a good choice, I would suggest 256 or 512MB DDR266 CAS 2.0 (good power and not too expensive), and a 80GB Caviar WD800JB HDD with 8MB cache!
  5. oh yeah, actually i would suggest dual xeons (2.2ghz). or if you go for amd get 2x XP2100 cpus. make sure they're the newer green packaging. get at least 3gb of ram. for drives i'd get 4 seagate cheetah x15 on an adaptec 3410S raid card. i would also look at either a fireGL or wildcat for video card.

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  6. i believe it was the tyan s2460 model..
    with the two cpu thing, could i get the xp models or would i have to get the mp models? it would make sense to me to get the mp model (after all the mp stands for mutli processor.. but is this right?) i was thinking for 512mbs od ddr 333 but i was thinking of getting a raid card (if the board doesnt support raid) and getting two 7200 ata133 maxtor 60gig drives, or would that be over doing it?
    i just want something thats super fast, even tho i know that it wont be used for gaming as the games run slower on a mp system then a single cpu system...
    if theres anyone out there who can help me... feel free to recommend me a COMPLETE system setup.. id like to stay away from intel because of prices, but if the better system over all is intel then... i guess i could MAYBE get one.. but AMD is preferable...
    thanks guys/gals!!

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  7. raid, dual cpus and not even knowing what you're going to be doing with it? rofl!!! i have money, but hey send me some please as you seem to be pretty generous with it right now. first. go do a bit more research if you're interested in it. just from your posts someone can tell you don't know what's what or advantages. things like "i don't know i just want it" or "something intensive", suggests you don't. second know what you're getting yourself into. it was one thing when MP chips were pretty expensive and it was almost a sure thing an xp chip would work. that's not the case anymore. mp1900 chips are cheaper now than what i paid for two xp1800 chips. yeah i got xp's, but i knew the risks, i really doubt you do. and ddr333? ummm for what, you mentioned the s2460, which has NOT A SINGLE ocing feature on it. again you like throwing money away, please send me some, i will PM you my address, or you could pay me through paypal. it's like me driving 1 mile to work everyday, never go to races on weekend and such, but i think i need a nascar. i don't know why for but i'll have it.

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  8. firstly, im asking about it and not having had anyone reply to me about what i should or shouldnt have hasnt really helped me.
    dual cpus are for me to do my music video conversions and video capture for.. but then if i get a fast enough single cpu system then i wont bother with the thought of having a dual cpu system.. it makes sense dont you think?
    im asking about having raid to make it faster again for hard drive access and if its worth it.. i havent had a properly working raid setup before and gotten a decent benchmarking score off of it..
    i know perfectly well what i would be doing with it, just as thread as too ask people their views about what they might recommend and what bits to use, its not a definite thing its just something i wanted to ask about...
    if you have something usefull to say, ie dont get a dual cpu system because.... then please post here, but if you think im wasting money fine, but you dont need to worry about my money situation.. i do that enough myself..
    im not bothered about overclocking features or anything like that, i just want a fast dual cpu setup..
    i was asking about using xp cpus rather than mp ones, i wasnt sure if that was possible... is it possible?
    please feel free to post something usefull for me to go against, but not something thats going to have a go at me.

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  9. Quote:
    wanting a dual cpu system, not sure why just want one...

    im not going to be using it for gaming i dont think, probably, mpeg encoding or something intensive...

    ok, well if you're going to come on and ask for people's time, why don't you try and be a bit more specific! and like i said before, do more research. in the cpu and motherboard forums alone i'll guarantee there are dozens of posts asking these same questions. yes repetition is annoying. i do believe as of lately too there are some inventions on the internet called google, yahoo, altavista. i hear they work pretty good. if having a system like this you think will help your work, a basic knowledge of the platform would go a long way. tell me which statement you'd be more likely to help someone with:
    hi- umm i'm looking at a new computer and was thinking about a dual cpu setup. really i'm not sure why, it just seems cool. i'm not sure and don't really know about any of the components other than mp chips are the ones that work for dual setups. so what do you guys suggest?

    or this one:

    i'm a video editor and i can't take my current machine any longer. i'm looking for more horsepower and having been reading about dual cpu systems. it looks like i would get a substantial improvement in editing apps, but i'm having trouble deciding on hardware exactly. i know which mp chips i'll get, but motherboards i'm wondering about. how stable is the newer mpx boards? i've read problems about them like asus's onboard sound and tyan's onboard lan with capture cards. any other info or help would be great.

    don't know about you, but the second guy seems A LOT more informed about what he wants and it's probably more worthwhile to help him out. nothing wrong with having a dual cpu system. but being more specific with posts, finding out what you can that is relavent to you would help a lot.

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  10. well, thank you for the tip!!!
    im sorry but im that im a bit vague in that area..
    i read a lot of computer reviews and things on toms hardware guide, 2cpus.com and anatech and a few other places, but they just test the boards and they arent really helping with my queries that i have in head.
    i want to know therefore the following

    my following system link is here...


    to me i need more power but im unsure in what way to go.
    i do video editing a little, i mostly convert the files i download from the internet to go on a compatable Video CD for my Pioneer DV-626D DVD player.. i also encode mp3's from CD's, although its more down the CD-Rom drive, it wouldnt hurt being faster. i also capture video footage so i do need something rather powerfull.
    therefore im unsure on what to get next or to upgrade to.
    a dual cpu system i think would be nice, but im not sure whether it would be worth the money if i can get a powerfull enough single cpu system.
    what would anyone recommend to me?
    i know in my current system my hard drives are the weak link, but im aiming to get something newer, bigger and faster. my motherboard doesnt support raid so that im not so worried about. i have been hearing bad things with the 7200rpm hard drives from my local computer shop so would that be worth the extra money or are they safe to buy? im told that they give up the ghost after a few months...
    if anyone is out there who can help me with this query, it would be mostly appreciated.
    thanks again mbetea!!

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  11. it all depends on what it means to you. do you work/make a living off of what you do on the computer? (meaning would it be necessary to upgrade to a nice dual system). or is it something you just have fun doing and something you like spending your money on? (don't we all). i don't know how heavy your workload is, so you would have to be the judge of that. i mean a dual setup is nice, but a nicely built single cpu setup isn't going to be a slouch either, unless your doing production work 30+ hours a week, then waits can get tedious.

    yeah, that system you have now, at least as far as capturing, the hdd is the bottleneck. the 7200rpm drives that are out now are good. ibm drives are good (i have 5 of the 60gxp) but some of their press releases and such i've been questioning lately. maxtor has always put out good drives, so you might want to look at them. don't get caught up with ata100 or ata133. first worry about it being a 7200rpm drive, then worry about capacity. after that, then worry about whether it's 100 or 133, there isn't much difference in performance. for raid and dual cpus, the only amd board that has an onboard controller is gigabyte's board. any other board you would need a pci card like promise's. tell you the truth, i have 3 60gb ibm drives in a raid0 on a promise tx2 controller, i know the bandwidth is there, but i don't really notice it. i just know i'll never drop a frame. any 7200rpm alone(non-raid0) would be more than enough for capturing dv or analog footage. dv is the most intensive at 3.5mb/s. but adobe recommends a drive with a sustained rate of at least 16mb/s, due to system overhead.

    as for chips, if i were buying now, i'd go with mp chips and not have to worry about it. the newer xp chips do require a mod on the L5 bridge if it's cut(the green ones), so if modding hardware isn't a big deal you could go with xp chips.

    i have the s2460, nice board and has been stable since day one (well actually day 2 cause of a welfare sound card). but the thing definitely needs one beefy psu. not so much total output wattage, but on the 5v rail. the board requires 32A on the 5v. enermax it's said has issues with spikes on the 5v line. i've read that antec is supposed to be more stable. but i've been using an enermax 550w psu fine. gigabyte's board doesn't look bad at all. i'll only buy supermicro(intel) or tyan mobos. with a dual mobo i'd say too to stay away from any sound card that uses the c-media chip. for some reason the cards and/or drivers don't like smp. guess that's why i've seen very few people have success using asus's onboard sound.

    so if you're going to go with an smp rig, i would recommend tyan, the s2466n-4m(fixed usb). but if you're thinking of overclocking at all i wouldn't get a tyan board...they don't make boards for ocing. i think people are having pretty good success with asus's board at least for ocing.

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  12. i would have to say that i dont spend 30 hours a week doing things like that, on an average i would say nothing much more than 5 at the most! i dont really think that a dual system would be worth the money to pay out, but saying that, it would make life a little more easier when doing capture etc for the sheer speed/power.
    im just wanting something that will be more than enough for the encoding and for the capture parts. i definitely need a new hard drive. my seagate drive scores about 7000 on the index score when benchamrked in sandra 2002 (free version if it makes any difference.) i think that a 12.9gig drive thats ata33 and a 5400 rpm spin scores about 9000 and my girl friends maxtor 15gig ata100 5400 score over 20000!! i think something is definitely wrong....
    im not worried about overclocking as such because i believe that the latest processors are fast enough for what i would need.. although you can neer have to much speed i guess!
    if you have any recommendations about what i have now and what i could/should upgrade to make my life better off with my single cpu then please let me know!!
    thank you for your time

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  13. If you just want to play around with SMP:


    2x PIII-733EB (US$85 each)
    1x Acorp <A HREF="http://www.acorpusa.com/6a815epd1.htm" target="_new">6a815EPd1</A> (US$115 each)

    Dual PIII-1000EBs are ~US$135 each

    - JW
  14. what would be the cost for an amd setup for a play around?
    im prefering amd because of cost to performance but im not sure on board, hd, memory spec for the play around level of it.
    theres no point in having something 'half arsed' but theres also on point on having top of the range gear for some parts and crap stuff for the others..
    whatuld be a good starter system for me for a dual setup and that wouldnt cost the earth?

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  15. If you want a fast system, and do not want to overclock,

    Dual AMD762 MPX board. All are similar, I have the Tyan. Get the S2466N-4M (revision 2 with functional USB)

    I'd recommend XP1800s or XP1900s now based on the price points.

    Get registered (ECC optional and not needed) DDR RAM. Make sure it a good brand name, not house special. 512MB minimum.

    A Promise TX2 or TX2000 66Mhz PCI Raid controller

    2 x WD1200JB 120GB 8MB cache drives (Raid0 on 2 channels of promise)

    Windows XP Pro or Windows 2000 (unless you use linux or other)

    If you want today's front line, get a GeForce4 4600Ti, or else get a 4200Ti and wait for the next generation ATi/nVidia chips to come out and take your pick.

    Get a 430W+ Power supply. Enermax do good ones.

    Get a good sized case.

    What do you want in terms of optical drives?

    price it yourself <A HREF="http://www.pricewatch.com" target="_new">here</A>
    but chek the vendor <A HREF="http://www.resellerratings.com" target="_new">here</A> <b>before</b> you order.

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  16. The dual Duron system is often overlooked - you can throw one of those together on an MP based board for next to nothing. Duron-1200 chips can be found for less than US$50 each.

    Enermax power supplies have a history of having a badly regulated 5V line and while I have a few myself, there are better power supplies out there.

    If you're thinking of XPs spend the extra $20 and get real MP chips and save yourself a whole bunch of potential trouble down the road.

    - JW
  17. MPs maybe, but XPs are fine. I have 2 1700+s on my Tyan.

    The difference is not $20 either. A retail MP1800 will cost you $155 + shipping the retail XP1800+ can be had for only $95 + shipping. That's $60/cpu... Go up to the 1900s and the difference (retail) is $135 v.s. $181, slightly less, but still $92 for the pair.

    Yes you can put dual Durons in, but in reality we are talking a totally different system. It will not perform anything like a dual XP/MP with the cache limitation and the slower cpus.

    Some people rag on the Enermax, but I have no issues with mine. I have 3 Enermax PSUs now, 651, 431 and 301 and all are perfectly stable and effective.

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