Why does an aspire 7551-7422 battery lasts so little?

Hello i was wondering i bought an Acer aspire 7551-7422 a month ago but the battery last so litte! it says it should last up to 4 hours but i dont think even it lasts an hour! hope you can help me.
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  1. What where you doing when your laptop shows 1 hour of battery life?
  2. My brother and a cousin bought this laptop almost a year ago. So it's possible that your laptop has been in the shop for that long. Know that you have to do a discharge/charge cycle with the laptop at least once a month to prevent the battery from losing capacity. I guess no one at the shop did open the box, just to do that with every laptop they got in store... A Li-ion battery has 2 years of useful life, sometimes it can be more if it is a great quality part.

    Sorry my friend but you'll have to buy a new battery soon enough. This time check that it is less than 6 months old (the date is printed on the sticker).
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