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Hi guys, can anyone help me locate some linux drivers for my kt7-raid board? I have my 20 gb hd plugged into ide3, when i attempt to install linux (to a primary partition in the bootable limit)it can't find my hard drive. I have my cdrw plugged into ide1 and cdrom into ide2. I just get alot better performance with hd plugged into ide3. Anyways, I'm looking for the Hot Rod Pro 100 linux drivers if they exist. Any help would be appreciated. Now that I finally have this board running good, I'm making an attempt to load linux, and I realize I would have to do an expert setup and load the driver before the installation takes place.
Thanks =]

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  1. You could try compiling a new kernel, and including support for "other ide chipset". This let me use the promise controller on my a7v, and may work for the highpoint as well. Other than that, I have not heard of specific linux drivers for this controller.

    I have not yet begun to procrastinate.
  2. check this out
    there are some linux "drivers" for the hot rod 100 controller.
  3. As someone else suggested, go to highpoint-tech and get the Linux drivers for the 370 chipset. You'll also find a note their saying that this driver only supports single disk right now, ie. no raid. I just got an email back from their tech support saying that they are working on raid drivers for Linux.
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