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Hi im a amateur editor and also in college and looking for a cheaper alternative to the macbook pro for up to £1000.
It must be a laptop. Editing programs include adobe after effects, sony vegas pro, cinema 4d and photoshop. also alot of CAD work for college
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  1. What were the hardware specs on the mac?

    Cheaper alternatives would be gaming laptops or high end consumer models.

    Gaming models can be found from the following companies: Asus, Sager, MSI, Dell and custom boutique vendors

    High end consumer models you can find at pretty much every big company today, Dell has XPS series, Toshiba has Qosmio series, etc

    There are probably custom vendors in England too, but any specific names escape me.
  2. The only other notebook I would get besides Apple is SonyVaio, and in a very last case scenario, Dell
  3. 15inch macbook pro 2.0ghz quad core i7, amd hd readon 6490m, 500gb hard drive 5400rpm, up to 7 hour battery life
  4. I suggest you look at the Dell Precision Mobile Workstations (US link is below, but will help you find via the UK site).

    Of note will be the Nvidia Quadro GPU which may be useful off-loading video rendering. These GPUs are also very good in terms of support with all CAD programs.

    Good luck!
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