Cheap SSD laptop?

I wonder why so few laptop vendors seem to offer SSD laptops for fair prices. Most people tend to buy an SSD and place it in an existing laptop, but this is somewhat a waste of the original disk drive.

I am considering purchasing a laptop like this:
Alternative: Asus K53SV-SX146V - €550

Two things I would like to have are 1) 1080p HD, 1920 resolution. 2) SSD hard disk.

It seems the first is impossible, since only the twice as expensive laptops have full-HD, but SSD should be possible. It uses the same SATA connection normal SATA disk drives though.

How can I find a cheap SSD laptop without having to buy my own SSD drive? I have an unused 40GB SSD disk drive here, but it's been doing nothing for a while since it's too small for effectively using Windows 7 many years, even when software is installed on another disk, so I am planning to sell it.
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  1. Some sites allows you to configure your laptop with a SSD like HP or Lenovo. However, SDD drives are generally not inexpensive; depending on what you mean by inexpensive.

    If you are looking at places like Staples or Bestbuy, you probably will not find any laptops with a SSD drive since they generally cost more which means less of those laptops will be sold.
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