CPU and chasis temperature

I have just upgraded my computer, changed everything except my chasis which is a pretty standard old atx mid tower. No extra fans.
Not to bore with details, here is the hardware:

MSI KT3 ULTRA Hovedkort for Socket A
AMD XP 2100
GeForce 4 ti4400
1 x 16GB scsi
1 x 80 GB IDE
Lan card
Sound card (SB Live)
512 MB ram
TaiSol CPU-Vifte Socket A/7/370/FCPGA
whisper enermax 431 W (power supply)

So, the problem here is that my standard opertaing temp is
80 C CPU
65-70C Chasis
When i open the case and let a bit more air inn i can run at
70 C CPU
55 C Chasis

I am searched the web for weeks without finding any info om AMD and temp. All i can find is that it gets hot and requires a lot of power. Also, the recomended max temp is 95C.

So, can i let my computer run with this temp. safely? The upside is i dont have to have any heat on at all in my room and that is pretty good considering i live in Norway. Unfortunatly, since i am basically sitting on it, it get kind a hot.

Maybe you all could let me know your running temps if you have a simular system. Also, i would like to get som input on the best and easiest(cheapest) way to reduce the heat.

My chasis dant have any room for extra fans, like the stealth fans.

Thanks for any and all help.
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  1. Something is really wrong here! It should run at about 50-60C max! Are you looking at the BIOS temp. or are you using a probe-program from inside Windows? You need to check the temp. info in BIOS! If you´re really at 80C, check that the cooler is properly connected to the CPU? Are you using any thermal grease? If you are, check that you havn´t applied too much!
  2. Well, I am not as hardcore as most here, so i used the default heatsink that came with the fan.

    Also, since the chais temp is so high i think the temp from the windows program is accurate. I can almost cook an egg on the top os the chasis...its HOT.

    Also, after reading horror storis of people removing the fan to apply new heat sink, i dont want that to be my first pick if i dont have to. But if I have to, what is the best way to do it and what heat sink should i use? Silver?
  3. A ThermalTake Volcano 7+ is an excellent HSF. Use Arctic Silver III. That 80 degrees is quite toasty....

    My firewall tastes like burning. :eek:
  4. Would it help much to:
    Get a full size tower
    Round cables
    Extra fans infront and back of chais
    Extra fan on the side of the chsis next to the cpu

    Or is this just plain ans simple a cpu heat sink problem. Bear in mind that the chasi temp. is pretty high.
  5. new hsf isnt going to help, you need more circulation, stick an intake fan in there

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  6. the main thing here is you MUST reduce your case temperature, by installing extra fan, 2 intake and 2 exahust, a new hsf would also get your cpu temperature down. once you take about 10c off your case temprature, there should be a drop about 5c on your cpu temperature.
  7. Before spending the money on a new case I would work on the airflow with your current one. I have a mini mid-tower ATX case with a 1.4GHz Tbird that was running about 63-65C under load. I cut a 80mm blow hole in the top and mounted a 80mm fan on the outside to suck the air out since there wasn't enough room inside. I also mounted a 80mm intake fan in the front and temps are now 50C under load. Only cost about $10 for all that. Hope this helps.
  8. i would say that the numbers you are getting are WRONG.
    no way could you have a 55C motherboard temp!

    download and install Motherboard Monitor 5.1
    everyone i know who has used it finds it very good and ACCURATE at reporting temps.

    in real life its rare to see the motherboard get anything beyond 15-20C hotter than the ambient room temperature. if it does then you probably have case cooling problems.

    ive recently upgraded to a XP cpu and a kt333 motherboard (from a kt133a and a tbird)

    and one thing ive noticed is that the internal diode used to measure the CPU temp reports temps around 4-6C hotter than the old 'under socket diode' method for the tbird.
    but definately nothing to be worried about.

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  9. Thanks for the help everyone. I think i'll try 10GHz suggeestion first. If that dont work the next step would be to get a new chasis anyway. Now i just need to get me some tools to do the job :)
  10. I had a friend that had a case temp that high. Turned out to be the PSU. It was an older InWInn case that had the original PSU. Back then (1998), the ATX specs called for the fan to the PSU to blow into the case, not to draw air out of it. It's only a lowly PII 400, and I built the exact same system as his at the same time (donated mine to a library later), but I didn't have this problem.

    What we did was open the PSU, took the fan, and flipped it over. Now the fan drew air out of the case instead of blowing it in, and the temp dropped significantly.

    Look into that, particularly since you mentioned you have an older case

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  11. If MBM 5.1 still gives you the same temps, I wouldn't stress the PC until you bring those temps WAY down. Work on that caseflow (intake and exhaust). To check it, use this method: Take one side of your case off and put glass/plasic over it to re-seal the case (it's kinda ghetto, but I used plastic wrap LOL). Get a cheap stick of incense and burn it near your intake fan. You can watch the airflow, and make sure air is moving through. Good luck.

    If all these posts don't help, just put the case outside (because it's always cold as hell in Norway!).

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  12. Just installed MBM 5.1 and it's showing the same temp. So I guess i will just have to dive inn and see what i can figure out.

    Btw, anyone know a webshop in Norway that sells chasis without power supply?
  13. Listen, you've got some really sweet components in that thing. Why not throw some 5$ case fans in? If you have no room, just cut the case and make room. Put one intake fan (blowing in) low in the front (or side if no room). Put an exhaust high in the back. If you're not sure about cutting, invest in the new case and don't risk frying your stuff IMO.

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